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Functions and functions of pomelo peel

Functions and functions of pomelo peel

Sihaiwang: grapefruit is sweet and sour, juicy and seedless, with more pulp. Compared with oranges, it is more enjoyable to eat. Everyone knows that grapefruit is rich in the south, also known as "Wendan". It is picked from October to November every year. The grapefruit produced in Zhangzhou and Xiamen of Fujian Province is the most famous. Its peel and flower can be used as medicine. Many people eat grapefruit are abandoned grapefruit skin, but do not know that grapefruit skin has edible value, but also can remove the smell. What's the use of grapefruit peel? Today's editor will tell you about it.

I. functions and functions of grapefruit peel

1. Grapefruit peel boiling water for the treatment of pneumonia in children

After eating the grapefruit, leave the skin to dry, put some pieces into the pot and boil them with water (the pieces should not be too small, otherwise the efficacy will be reduced, but it should not be too large). Do not use too much water (like traditional Chinese Medicine) and boil them several times. Pour the boiled soup into the bowl for the children to drink, and it will be better after drinking them several times.

2. The treatment of frostbite by boiling grapefruit peel

Use the dried grapefruit peel to boil water. When it's very thick, use this water to apply heat to the frozen wound, but avoid the skin damage. Pay attention to the temperature of the hot compress. At the beginning, the towel temperature should not be too hot, and the hot air can be shaken before the hot compress. When the temperature of the frozen injury is increased gradually, the towel should be taken out of the pot for hot compress.

This method needs patience and long-term persistence (even if it's good, it's better to persist until the end of this winter), which can promote the recovery of frostbite and effectively prevent the recurrence or reduction of next year. If there is no broken skin on the frostbite, add some dried chillies. The pot and towel should be used separately. The boiled water does not need to be replaced, but it must be boiled every time. When adding new water, the boiling time must be prolonged.

2. Nutritional value of pomelo peel

Jiangxi people not only eat watermelon skin, winter melon skin, but also grapefruit skin. Grapefruit peel, with a little bitterness in its clear and astringent flavor, makes a unique dish. If you haven't eaten, try it!

Grapefruit has a high nutritional value. It is rich in protein, organic acid, vitamin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other essential elements of human body, which is incomparable to other fruits. Each 100g grapefruit contains 0.7G protein, 0.6g fat and 57kcal calories.

Grapefruit not only has high nutritional value, but also has the functions of stomach, lung, blood, intestines and defecation. It can promote wound healing and has good auxiliary effect on septicemia. In addition, grapefruit contains glucocorticoid, which can reduce the viscosity of blood and the formation of thrombus. Therefore, grapefruit has a better preventive effect on cerebrovascular diseases, such as cerebral thrombus and stroke. The fresh pomelo is an ideal food for diabetics because of its insulin like ingredients. Chinese medicine also believes that grapefruit is sweet and sour, cold in nature, with the functions of regulating qi and resolving phlegm, moistening lung and clearing intestines, nourishing blood and strengthening spleen. It can treat the symptoms of little food, weak mouth, dyspepsia, etc., and can help digestion, eliminate phlegm and thirst, and regulate qi and disperse knots.

III. purchase of grapefruit peel

The best choice is the pomelo peel from Thailand. Because the skin of Thailand's grapefruit is thick, white and full of fragrance; if the immature Guangxi Shatian grapefruit skin is used, it will be better. The grapefruit skin is thicker and the fragrance is stronger, which is a rare good material.

Tip: the grapefruit bought at the fruit stall generally has no medicinal value, because it is an improved variety of grapefruit! What can cure the disease is the medicine grapefruit. It's not delicious to eat, even if it's ripe, it's sour. So I hope you don't blindly use the skin of a good variety of pomelo, because it may not have any effect. There is basically no medicine pomelo on the market now!

IV. eating methods of grapefruit peel

There are many ways to eat grapefruit peel. In order to avoid its bitter taste, it is necessary to peel off the turquoise skin and leave the soft white sponge in the middle for eating.

It can be cut into thin slices, boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes, and then boiled into tea with honey.

It can also be used as stir fried food, such as adding onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other seasonings, adding a little oil to the pot and then stir fried.