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Interesting places around Benxi

Autumn is a very colorful season. It's a good choice to enjoy autumn. What are the interesting places around Benxi? What are the good places to enjoy autumn in Benxi? Let's have a look!

Benxi water tunnel

Benxi Water Cave is a good place to visit in summer. It is a national 4A scenic spot and the longest underground water filled cave in the world so far. When you get to the water cave, you can swim in a boat and feel the beauty of the water cave. Because the temperature in the water cave is relatively low, you have to wear a coat even in summer, which can give you a unique experience of ice and fire. The ticket here is 120 yuan.

Yang Hu Lake

Yanghugou ecological tourist area is located at the intersection of Benxi and Huanren counties. After the completion of benhuan highway, the tourist area will become an important traffic artery. Yanghugou belongs to the hilly area of Changbai Mountain, and the original secondary forest is still preserved. With dense forest vegetation, pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, the tourist area is an ideal place to return to simplicity, return to nature and develop eco-tourism.

Tianlong cave

The Tianlong Cave Scenic Spot in Benxi county is only six kilometers away from the famous Benxi Water Cave. It is the only way to Guanmen mountain, Tanggou, tiecha mountain and Huanren Wunv mountain, which are known as the "scenic spot of Yandong". It is confirmed by geological experts that Tianlong cave is the source of Benxi Water Cave. The total length of Tianlong cave is 1100 meters long. The three-story cave is connected up and down, with stalagmites and stalagmites, forming more than 40 natural landscapes, such as' dragon and Phoenix presenting auspiciousness' and 'Golden Toad absorbing water'. Outside Tianlong cave, there are new amusement projects, such as' flying in the air 'and' water shaking bridge ', which are full of surprise and fun.

Wangtian cave

Wangtian cave is located in Huanren Manchu Autonomous County, with a length of more than 5000 meters. It has a charming landscape, including stone forest, city wall, snow lotus, glacier, fountain, waterfall and underground river. Wangtian cave is rare in the world. Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the 6000 square meter hall and the 10000 meter labyrinth on the upper, middle and lower floors of the cave are the largest in the world.

Dadi Forest Park

If you want to travel to Benxi in summer, Dadi Forest Park is a good choice. Because the vegetation coverage rate here is very high, it is a natural oxygen bar, plus the original secondary forest, towering ancient trees, gurgling streams, splashing waterfalls, etc., it is still a cool place in summer and a good place for summer. Because there are fewer tourists here, it can make people experience the feeling of returning to nature, which is very rare in today's impetuous society. The ticket here is 20 yuan per person.

Benxi Grand Canyon

The gorge is located in Nanfen District, 20 kilometers south of Benxi City, Liaoning Province, which is 85 kilometers away from Shendan expressway. The main scenic area is composed of East gorge and west gorge. Benxi Grand Canyon is a brand new business card presented to the world by nature. It is another remarkable natural landscape for Benxi people to build a landscape industrial city. The Grand Canyon has been sleeping for 800-1 billion years. After a long period of geological tectonics, together with various weathering, erosion and transportation, it has created the famous "Diaoyutai formation" landform in geological history. The earth's crust has risen nearly 100 meters, and the Grand Canyon stretches for dozens of square kilometers. It is full of strange rocks, human like gods, cliffs, springs, ancient pines hanging upside down, birds singing and flowers See you at the canyon gallery.