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Who are instagram's top five photos

In the top ten photos of instagram, Selena has five exclusive photos, c Luo three and Beyonce two. The highest is Beyonce's twin pregnancy photo, full of hope and love! As the ins blogger with the largest number of fans in the world, silly face is still responsible for stable traffic.

Top of the list is Beyonce's pregnancy photo when she announced she was pregnant. In February, Beyonce announced that she was pregnant with twins when she took a pregnancy photo on instagram. This photo has won more than 11.18 million likes in total, breaking instagram's record for the most liked photos.

Within 24 hours after the release of this photo, 8 million likes have been received, which is the speed that no one but Bihou can reach.

No.2 birth photo of Luo's daughter

On November 13, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo welcomed the birth of his daughter. He also shared the exciting news on INS. In the photo, he and his son are beside his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, who is holding her newborn daughter in her arms.

This photo has won 11.028 million praises, only slightly inferior to Bihou, ranking second.

No.3 bed photos of Gome and Francia

In the third place is the only picture that has nothing to do with babies. It's about friendship, about women, about being strong. In 2017, due to the recurrence of lupus erythematosus, Gome had a kidney replacement operation. When her good friend and actor Francia lesha found out that she had successfully matched Gome, she did not hesitate to transplant one of her kidneys to Gome. After the turning point of life, Gome described this touching friendship on INS, and this photo also won more than 10.3 million praise.

No.4 full moon of Beyonce

The fourth highest ranking photo also comes from Beyonce, who is holding her new born children, sir Carter and Rumi, to commemorate their full moon. This photo has received more than 10.27 million likes.

No.5 C photo of Luo baowa

The fifth picture is still from Ronaldo, who holds the twin children Mateo and EVA in his arms. This warm picture has won 8.25 million praises.