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Where is the biggest Starbucks store? What is it like

Where is the biggest Starbucks store? What is it like

Sihaiwang: Recently, the world's largest Starbucks and Asia's only baking workshop settled in Shanghai, and officially opened on December 6. This is the first Starbucks selection baking workshop in China and the second in the world, covering an area of 2700 square meters. Raw beans are baked on site, providing hundreds of drinks and foods, as well as various exclusive products.

You only know that Starbucks is a chain enterprise with many branches, but few people compare the size of these branches. Starbucks coffee is not about the size of their stores, but only about their service quality, product quality and consumption experience.

At 7 o'clock this morning, Starbucks' first overseas baking workshop opened in Shanghai.

The store covers an area of 2700 square meters. This highly anticipated 'coffee Wonderland' integrates a variety of cutting-edge equipment and space design concepts, bringing consumers an unprecedented full sensory experience.

Think about where you can see such an experience now, but Starbucks is an international brand, and it's really rich.

What are the unimaginable scenes in this store?

Indeed, the branch store with an area of more than 2700 square meters is just like a small castle. From the outside, it looks very spectacular. It can build such a large venue in Shanghai, which is a land and gold rich place. Such a company is indeed an enemy. So what are the unimaginable scenes in it? It has the ultimate scene, that is, it has built a factory They moved to the store. When the catering industry was committed to moving the back chefs to the central factory, they moved the factory to the store.

Push open the door of the circular theater style building of the baking workshop in Shanghai and step into this huge 'coffee Wonderland'. The first thing you see is a huge copper pot about two floors high. The body of the pot is decorated with more than 1000 traditional Chinese seals and seal cutting patterns. The story of Starbucks and coffee is engraved by hand.

In addition to the huge copper cans seen above, there are also the coffee pipes below. After degassing, the coffee beans go through five parallel copper pipes -- coffee Symphony pipes, which connect the big copper cans and the main bar. The following 'coffee rain' falls into five Zhen Xuan storage tanks with different shapes on the main bar, ready to be made into coffee for customers to enjoy.

Open the paper 'search strategy' provided in the store, and the layout of the store is summarized as' ten scenes of workshop ', which presents the' scenic spots' in the store to customers like a tourist guide.