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Yiyuan Fenghuang mountain red leaf festival opening hours Yiyuan Fenghuang mountain red leaf Festiva

Sancha Township, Fenghuangshan, Yiyuan County, Zibo City, Shandong Province, where the red leaf festival will be held on this Saturday. The event was held in Fenghuang square of Nanlu mountain, sponsored by the local government. Red leaves, purplish red, yellow and orange are all over the mountain.

Name: Yiyuan Phoenix Mountain Red Leaf festival in 2018

Time: October 20

Venue: Fenghuangshan square, nanlushan town

Theme: meet at Fenghuang Mountain

Organizer: Yiyuan County Tourism Bureau, nanlushan town government

Activity content: art performance, climbing mountains and enjoying red leaves

After the national day, as the temperature drops, here, nanlushan, mangrove species, finally in a thousand calls to make out the red! The main red leaf forest in Fenghuang mountain is Cotinus coggygria, and of course maple. Nanlu mountain in Yiyuan County is famous for its beautiful autumn scenery. In particular, Fenghuang Mountain and shuangshiwu have become the kingdom of color in autumn. The red leaf forests all over the mountains are dyed, and the leaves are flowing in the air.

The high and low forests interweave the dreams of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. Red leaves are the pride of Nanlu mountain. Look at the mountains and forests. There is a tall Coptis tree in Nanlu mountain. On the hillside of shuangshiwu village, the tall Coptis tree looks very powerful from afar. This tree was originally two trees on the same foundation. As a result, it is called sister Huanglian tree. But its healing trace is indisputable. Coptis chinensis grows in poor brown soil. After many vicissitudes, the age is estimated to be more than 100 years. Only summer pictures can be found. In autumn, the tree will be dyed yellow.

Looking at the yellow lotus from the West

Coptis trees are dyed yellow by late autumn, which is the color.

This Coptis tree has three main branches. Thick into the pillars, stretching out, like looking back. Especially in autumn and winter. It's golden. It's spectacular. In autumn, Fenghuang Mountain has a variety of customs. The rolling hillside is decorated with colorful brocade. The flowing clouds surround the hillside, and the water and sky are dyed.

How can you appreciate the red leaf without the shooting technique of the red leaf?

Shooting autumn leaves

[ginkgo leaves. Red maple leaves. For example, when you shoot a seed leaf in a forward light, you can't see the veins and veins of the leaf through the light. When you shoot a red leaf after rain in a backward light, you can see a very beautiful picture of the leaf. After the rain, the leaves of red leaves are not only moist and bright in color, but also transparent, and the veins of leaves are very clear.

After the rain, there are pearl like raindrops on the tip of the leaf, which can make the picture more colorful. Because there are raindrops on the tip of red leaves. The leaves shake in the slightest breeze. So pay attention to ensure that the picture is clear when shooting. It is necessary for us to make good use of the backlight transmission light. When shooting red leaves, we should use the telephoto end of the zoom lens. The telephoto end has a shallow depth of field. Pay attention to accurate focus.

Backlight is a kind of attractive and expressive lighting effect, which can make the picture completely different from the actual light we see on the scene. Its artistic expression is as follows: first, it can enhance the texture of the leaves. Especially when shooting transparent or translucent objects, such as leaves. For flowers, backlight is the best light. Second, it can enhance the rendering of leaf atmosphere. Third, it can enhance the visual impact of leaves. Fourth, it can enhance the depth of the leaves.