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How much is the discount for student card? Preferential time for student card to buy train ticket

With the annual Spring Festival approaching and winter vacation coming, college students begin to pay attention to the problems such as whether there is any discount for student ID card to buy train tickets and how much discount for student ID card to buy sleeper. How much discount can I get for the train ticket? Let's follow the editor to understand these problems!

It is understood that the pre-sale period for online and telephone booking of train tickets is 12 days, and the pre-sale period for agency booking point is 12 days It is learned from Shanghai Railway Bureau that 12306 website, 95105105 telephone booking and manual window will simultaneously sell winter vacation round-trip tickets for scattered students from 15:00 on December 26. The specific travel time is from January 10 to January 31, 2013 before the festival and from February 17 to March 3, 2013 after the festival. There is no limit to the pre-sale period of train tickets during this period.

Students who are eligible for student tickets will be offered student tickets by the railway department as long as they purchase train tickets with a nominal travel date between December 1 and March 31 next year.

Then, how much discount do you need to pay for the sleeper with your student card? Which train ticket students can enjoy the discount? It is understood that students can enjoy the half price discount for the hard seat train ticket, and both the hard sleeper train ticket and the second-class EMU seat can enjoy 75% of the total fare.

During this period, students need to pay attention to the fact that there is no service charge (the service charge is 5 yuan) for purchasing student tickets at the ticket agency. It should be noted that the student ID card fails to go through school registration on time; the student ID card's preferential driving range is changed but the school's official seal is not affixed; the student ID card's registration address is altered; the student ID card cannot be sold without 'student train ticket preferential card', the preferential card cannot be identified or is inconsistent with the student ID record.

This year, the student group ticket association is the preferred way for students to purchase tickets during the Spring Festival games, and the student group tickets still enjoy discounts.

In the new regulations, 5 new situations have been added that students can't buy student tickets:

1. Where the school is located, there is one of the parents of the student;

2. When students are suspended, resumed, transferred or dropped out of school;

3. When students go back and forth between the school and the internship site;

4. The student card fails to go through school registration on time.

5. The student card preferential ride interval is changed but the official seal of the school is not affixed.

The above is the regulations of the state on buying train tickets with student cards. As long as we strictly follow the regulations on buying train tickets with student cards, we can enjoy the benefits and preferential policies brought by the state.