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What should I pay attention to when I open the window to sleep

What should I pay attention to when I open the window to sleep

Four seas network: in winter, the windows in the home are seldom opened, because there is less heating and ventilation, sometimes I feel faint when I get up in the morning, because the indoor air is dirty, with more carbon dioxide, less oxygen, and not fresh enough. If the room does not breathe for a long time, it is easy to feel dizzy and distended, and the symptoms of hypoxia appear. If the hypoxia lasts too long, the human body may have a series of discomfort, even life-threatening in serious cases. But is it OK to sleep with the window open at night? What should I pay attention to when I sleep with the window open?

What should we pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of window sleeping?

Sleeping without a window at night depends on your indoor conditions. It depends on whether your room is big enough, the air is unobstructed, how far the window is from the bedside, etc.

If your room space is large enough, the indoor air is enough, and you sleep at night, especially in winter, you'd better not open the window, so as not to be caught cold by the cold wind.

However, if the room is narrow and crowded, it's not right to sleep too tightly at night. Even if it's cold in winter, it's not recommended to close it too tightly except for some special circumstances, such as big haze, big storm, etc., otherwise it's easy to lack oxygen and seriously affect the sleep quality. It's easy to get dizzy the next day. It's recommended to open a slit at the window in winter. In this way, the indoor oxygen is sufficient, and the cold air can be prevented from staying indoors and damaging the body. However, in order to prevent the wind blowing directly to the body, the bed is better not to face the window, or draw the curtain for shelter.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of opening windows at night?

The first one is that the air is relatively fresh, and it will be comfortable in the process of sleeping, so as not to be dizzy and distended. The second one is to make the spirit of the next day more full, so that you have enough energy to welcome the new day. The third one is to delay the aging of the skin, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, that is to reduce the immunity of the human body, and it is easy to catch a cold. Therefore, do not head Blow at the window.