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How long is the pre-sale period of Spring Festival train tickets? When does the Spring Festival 2018

when does the spring festival start? It's very normal that it's hard to get one ticket for train tickets during the Spring Festival, but do you know how long the pre-sale period for train tickets is? For people who want to go home for the new year, they must pay more attention to this information!

2018 Spring Festival: the 2017 Spring Festival is February 15, so the 2018 Spring Festival starts on February 1 and ends on March 12, totaling 40 days. This year's Spring Festival is from the 16th of December 2017 to the 25th of January 2018.

Pre sale period of passenger trains:

Every Spring Festival, the railway department will open more customers in the popular direction. Passenger tickets are not controlled by the pre-sale period. Once they are confirmed to be opened, an announcement will be issued and tickets will be released as soon as possible. Paying attention to these announcements can also increase the chance of ticket grabbing.

The pre-sale period of Internet and telephone booking: 25 days; the pre-sale period of station window, booking point and automatic ticket machine: 23 days;

The pre-sale period of Internet and telephone booking: 60 days; the current pre-sale period of tickets is adjusted to 30 days; that is, tickets on February 1, 2018 will be sold on January 3, 2018.

China Railway Customer Service Center issued a notice on October 30, saying that because some new lines are about to open for operation, the train operation chart will be adjusted. At present, the pre-sale period of tickets is adjusted to 30 days (30 days for Internet, mobile phone and telephone booking, 28 days for station, booking point and automatic ticket machine), and the starting time is unchanged; tickets sold on and before December 29 are normally sold. In this way, tickets on December 30 can only be purchased on December 1, and the purchase time of Spring Festival tickets on February 1, 2018 will naturally be adjusted.

The pre-sale period of station window, booking point and automatic ticket machine: 28 days, i.e. tickets on February 1, 2018 will be sold on January 3, 2018.

The railway department forecasts that during the Spring Festival, the national passenger traffic volume will reach 3.158 billion person times, a year-on-year increase of 91, including 235 million person times of railway, a year-on-year increase of 61; 2.845 billion person times of highway, a year-on-year increase of 95; 43.5 million person times of water transportation, a year-on-year increase of 3; 34.88 million person times of civil aviation, a year-on-year increase of 7. At the same time, different from last year's Spring Festival, during this year's Spring Festival, students are on holiday and migrant workers are returning home in large quantities. In addition, the normal flow of family visits, post holiday travel routes and business flows, the overall passenger flow is highly concentrated, which will definitely bring more pressure on transportation and ticket purchase than last year.

In addition, the purchase time of group tickets for Spring Festival trains is 3-5 days ahead of the normal pre-sale period. Passengers or units planning to purchase group tickets must go to the station 3-5 days before the pre-sale period. The Railway Department reminded that the number of group tickets to be purchased should reach a certain number, and the unit should bring the certificate to each railway station to apply for handling. When handling the student group ticket, the school certificate shall be carried; the construction worker may entrust the owner's Union or the relevant certificate of the unit to handle the group ticket.

Please note that at present, the railway department has opened a variety of ways to purchase tickets, such as telephone booking, online ticket sales, station windows, and consignment points. The channels with the longest pre-sale period (60 days in advance according to the latest regulations, including the same day) are telephone booking, online ticket sales and consignment points. If it is necessary to book tickets in advance as early as possible, it is recommended not to queue at the station window, and the Internet and telephone channels will be faster and more convenient.

Spring Festival train ticket real name system starts Spring Festival group ticket

The real name system will be implemented in China's railway ticket sales. When passengers buy tickets from the railway station and the ticket agency, they need to show their valid identity documents. In addition, the railway department requires passengers to enter the station with the same information of people, certificates and tickets.

After the implementation of the real name system, the railway police will control from the source not to let a fugitive get on the train, so as to ensure the interests of the majority of passengers. Hu Zhiyi, deputy director of Baotie public security department, said: for some passengers who lost their personal valid certificates when buying tickets, the railway police will set up a special card making window in the ticket office of the railway station. The passengers who lost their certificates only need to explain their identity information to the police, and the police can show the certificates to the passengers after verification and affix the official seal to ensure that the passengers can buy tickets and board the train. As for the minors over 1.5m and under 16 years old, they need to take the residence booklet or the certificate or student card issued by the public security organ where the residence is located to purchase the ticket.

With the implementation of the real name system, the railway department will carry out telephone booking and online booking. Since December 10, 2012, the railway department has gradually sold T-head, k-head and other train tickets through the network and telephone. Passengers can start to purchase tickets through the telephone and Internet. The booking website is and the booking telephone is 95105105.

The railway police reminded the general passengers that the passengers whose personal information is inconsistent with the ticket information will not be able to take the train. They hoped that the general passengers would not trust strangers and let them buy the tickets on their behalf. They also hoped that the general passengers would recognize the special ticket booking website and hotline of the railway department and guard against being cheated.