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Does iPhone 7 Upgrade IOS 11 card? Does iPhone 7 Upgrade IOS 11 charge electricity

Does iPhone 7 Upgrade IOS 11 card? Does iPhone 7 Upgrade IOS 11 charge electricity the official version of IOS 11 has been released for several months, and the small version has been updated several times. Many iPhone 7 users are still wondering whether to upgrade IOS 11. They are worried that the power consumption will be fast after the upgrade, but many people still want to taste it. The following small edition will bring you the experience of upgrading IOS 11 with iPhone 7. Let's have a look!

1. Objectively speaking, the fluency is really good. Occasionally, it happens when the widget interface is switched. If you are worried about fluency, you can upgrade at ease.

2. Power consumption: IOS 11 is higher than 10.3.3, standby IOS 10 consumes 2-3% and IOS 11 consumes 7-8% under the same condition.

3. There is no obvious difference in power consumption and fluency between DFU and Ota.

4. Let's talk about the use of AR application again. You can feel obvious fever after using it for a few minutes.

Experience after upgrading:

1. No card, really no card

2. The power consumption is relatively fast, and the power-saving mode is played for about 3 minutes minus one digit

3. Some functions in the system settings will flash back suddenly when they are stuck

Users with iPhone 6S or newer devices (including iPhone SE) can upgrade IOS 11. In addition to the powerful processor that can cope with the huge and rich functions of IOS 11, these devices can also experience a series of AR applications in the app store.

Of course, friends with compatible IOS 11 devices (such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S) can also experience IOS 11 first. If they don't like the experience or don't like it, they can experience it while they can still downgrade to IOS 10.3.3. However, Apple may soon close the verification channel of IOS 10.3.3.