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What is combustible ice? What is the storage capacity of combustible ice in China

If China can achieve industrial development of "combustible ice" successfully, then Beijing has another very important trump card in the battle with the United States for the world's most developed economy. Do you know what is combustible ice? Can combustible ice replace traditional energy?

According to the information released by China's Ministry of land and resources, China's oil experts have extracted 'combustible ice' from the seabed of the South China Sea for the first time in the world, the Russian daily reported on its website on May 18. This gas hydrate is not 'Revolutionary' in itself, it has abundant reserves all over the world. But so far no one has made up his mind to exploit it. There are many reasons, including technical and economic factors.

Li Jinfa, deputy director of the Geological Survey Bureau of the Ministry of land and resources, said that the successful realization of this beneficial mineral exploitation proved that China has achieved unprecedented success in theoretical basis and related technologies. This means that China has a leading position in the exploitation of 'combustible ice'. It will be a new round of "natural gas hydrate revolution" led by China, following the "shale gas revolution" led by the United States, and will promote the change of energy utilization pattern in the whole world.

There is no doubt that if China can succeed in industrial development of "combustible ice", then Beijing has another very important trump card in the battle with the United States for the world's most developed economy. So the joy of Chinese officials is perfectly understandable.

What is' combustible ice '?

According to the public information, combustible ice is a kind of solid crystal material that wraps natural gas under the ice like lattice, mostly white, light yellow, amber and dark brown. Because of the large amount of methane gas, flammable ice is easy to burn.

Combustible ice has the characteristics of high energy density and small occupation volume. Under the same conditions, the energy generated by combustion of combustible ice is dozens of times more than that of coal, natural gas and oil, and there is no residue and waste gas after combustion, which avoids the problem of pollution. It is understood that one cubic meter of combustible ice can decompose and release more than 160 cubic meters of natural gas. At the same time, the amount of combustible ice is large. It is estimated that the total resources of combustible ice in the world's oceans are twice the total reserves of coal, oil and natural gas.

Because of its huge reserves, high efficiency and high combustion value, combustible ice is regarded as the most promising green and clean strategic energy for commercial development in the 21st century, and has become a hot spot of research and development in various countries. According to the authoritative report, the total resources of combustible ice in China are about twice the total resources of conventional natural gas and shale gas. According to the current consumption level, it can meet the energy demand of China for nearly 200 years.