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Introduction to Nanjing must eat food

Nanjing is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, with a very long history. There are a lot of delicious food in Nanjing, and the local specialties are very attractive. Let's share the detailed recommendation of Nanjing must eat food.

The local duck blood vermicelli soup in Nanjing is very famous, which is also a favorite soup dish for local people. When you drink duck blood vermicelli soup, you must match it with local chicken juice soup bag and crab roe bag. This is the beef potstickers in Nanjing, which is also very famous. Not only local people love it, but also tourists in Nanjing will go to Gulou to taste the local beef potstickers.

Beef potstickers are delicious, wonton and noodles are not delicious, rotten and waterlogged, and local people also like to eat wangegg very much. This is what some people in some areas call "maoegg". In fact, they are all the same thing, but the name is different. The local duck gizzard and liver, Du PI Du noodles and Nanjing salted duck are also some local specialties.

1. Live bead

Live bead is a famous specialty in Nanjing, which belongs to Jinling snack. It is when the egg is about to hatch into a life, but it is not fully formed.

2. Jinling salted duck

Salted duck is a famous specialty in Nanjing. It belongs to Jinling cuisine and is one of the representatives of Jinling cuisine. It is also called osmanthus duck. It is a product of geographical indication in China.

3. Nanjing boiled dried silk

Dried bean curd is a famous dish in Yangzhou. Dried bean curd is white, decorated with various ingredients and beautiful color. Dried silk tastes fresh and soft, and chews with toughness.

4. Duck blood and vermicelli soup

Duck blood and vermicelli soup is made of duck blood, duck intestine, duck liver, etc. added with duck soup and vermicelli. It is popular all over the country because of its mild taste, fresh fragrance and smooth taste, as well as the taste characteristics suitable for both north and south.

5. Ruyi Huilu

Ruyi Huilu is a traditional snack in Nanjing, which belongs to Jinling cuisine and Jinling snack. Put tofu fruit into chicken soup pot, add a small amount of soybean sprouts and seasoning, and cook until tofu fruit is soft and soft.