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How to go to the birth island of peace elites

How to go to the birth island of peace elites as a popular mobile game of shooting and eating chicken, peace elites are popular. At the same time, many problems have gradually surfaced, such as where is the birth island of peace elites and how to get there? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian.

Where is the birth island of peace elite

The map landing location is close to your birth island. Players can land at the seaside, find a car or boat here, and sail directly to the birth island. You can get to the birth island by sailing, but there are no supplies or props like gasoline. Going to the birth island is just entertainment.

We can't go back and forth without petrol. The petrol on the boat is only enough for one trip. We have to prepare petrol ahead of time and then go there by boat. This is the safest way. Otherwise, it will take at least 10 minutes to swim here, which will make it cool.

How to get to birth Island

1. Land to find a car, drive to the sea or land directly by the sea, search for a can of gasoline nearby and take it with you.

2. It takes two minutes to drive. A barrel of gasoline has only enough oil to go. You can drive it directly.

3. There are no other props or materials on the island, so we can only sail back and fill up the gasoline.

Birth island can be swam in the past. Players who have never been can try it. After swimming in the past, they can basically choose the next game, because there is no material to use at all, and they have no time to escape the poison.