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What are the items of Yulong Snow Mountain package ticket

When it comes to Yulong Snow Mountain, we are not unfamiliar with it. It is a rare snow mountain with lofty and precipitous scenery. It is also a tourist attraction with rich tourism resources. In addition to the beautiful scenery of snow mountains and glaciers, there are other green landscapes here.

For example, there are all kinds of plants growing here. With the continuous improvement of the altitude of Yulong Snow Mountain, the plants here are constantly changing and the species are very rich. In addition, there are all kinds of rare animals living here. Generally speaking, there are rich resources and diverse scenery.

Well, we need to buy tickets here. There are two ways to buy tickets. Next, let's introduce the two kinds of tickets to Yulong Snow Mountain!

What does Yulong package include? How much is Yulong package

Dayelong package: 230 yuan / person

Including: Yulong Snow Mountain, yushuizhai, Dongba Valley, Dongba Pantheon garden, Yuzhu Qingtian, Yufeng temple, Dongba Kingdom and Baisha murals.

Yulong Snow Mountain ticket: 130 yuan per person.

Yushui Village: 50 yuan / person

Dongbagu: 40 yuan / person

Dongba wanshen Garden: 15 yuan / person

Topaz: 25 yuan / person

Yufeng Temple: 25 yuan / person

Dongba Kingdom: 35 yuan / person

Baisha mural: 30 yuan / person

Recommended itinerary:

Day 1: Yulong Snow Mountain scenic spot, Yushui village, Blue Moon Valley

The next day: Dongba Valley, jade pillar, Dongba Pantheon garden, Dongba Kingdom, Yufeng temple, Baisha murals


Yulong package is suitable for tourists who have enough time to drive, charter or rent a car.

The difference between Yulong Snow Mountain ticket and Yulong package ticket

Opening hours of Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot:


Ropeway time:


Ticket price of Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot

Yulong Snow Mountain ticket: 130 yuan / person

Green car: 20 yuan / person

Cableway ticket: 180 yuan / person

Yunshanping cableway: 55 yuan / person

Maoniuping ropeway: 60 yuan / person

Best choice: Yulong Snow Mountain + cableway

The way to Yulong Snow Mountain

1. Charter, rent, drive.

This way of travel is naturally very convenient, but there are more things to consider, especially remember that you need to bring your own bottle of oxygen + down jacket, and you will encounter the situation that you can't buy the big cableway ticket of the day in the peak season.

2. With a one-day tour group in Lijiang.

Service content generally includes: tour leader + ticket + cableway ticket + insurance + round trip fare + Lunch + cold suit + oxygen

Can let you save a lot of trouble!

3. Take No.7 minibus across from Red Sun Square.

This mode of transportation is the most cost-effective, but just like self driving, remember that you need to bring your own bottle of oxygen and down jacket, and you will encounter the situation that you can't buy the big cableway ticket of the day in peak season.


1. Lijiang and one-day tour group are suitable for tourists who don't have enough time to travel here.

2. Remember, the weather of Yulong Snow Mountain is cold and the altitude is high, so friends who choose to go to the snow mountain should bring down jacket and oxygen in advance. If you are in trouble and want to buy it here, Xiaobian tells you that there is a place to rent or sell at the foot of the snow mountain, but the price is really expensive. Consider it for yourself.

OK, do you understand? Yulong package ticket is more affordable than Yulong Snow Mountain alone ticket, and contains more content. If you have enough time, it's better to buy a package ticket!