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Why can't Russia participate in the Winter Olympic Games

Why can't Russia participate in the Winter Olympic Games Russia was once the overlord of the Winter Olympics, but in 2016, the Russian sports world suffered drug ban scandal. Recently, the Olympic Organizing Committee announced that Russia was banned from participating in the Pingchang Winter Olympics. It is reported that thousands of athletes suspected of drug ban were involved in 30 projects. Let's see the details below!

In the early morning of December 6, Beijing time, the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee announced after a meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, that Russia is prohibited from participating in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, but innocent athletes can participate in the games as neutral players.

These athletes will be called 'Olympic athletes from Russia'. In Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, the flag and Anthem of the International Olympic Committee will accompany them, not the Russian flag and national anthem.

In 2016, according to the McClaren report, which investigated the Russian sports drug ban scandal, more than 1000 Russian athletes were suspected of doping in 2011-2015, involving 30 summer / Winter Olympic events, while the Russian government used the methods such as the organized change of urine samples sent by athletes to cover up the collective drug taking behavior of athletes.

Subsequently, the International Olympic Committee issued severe sanctions against Russian sports, which made the Russian track and field team miss the Rio Olympic Games. This year's World Championships in track and field, Russia's players are also playing neutral.

In terms of ice and snow events, Pingchang Winter Olympic Games is about to start. In the past week, many Russian athletes who won medals in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games have been suspended, and Russia has been deprived of a total of 11 Olympic medals.

Russia is a powerful country in ice and snow events. In the field that Chinese audiences are familiar with, short track speed skating includes Korean naturalized athlete Victor an Xianzhu, who won three gold medals in Sochi Winter Olympic Games; Medvedev, the figure skating women's single event, is the champion of two world championships and the most popular winner of Winter Olympic Games.