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How to treat facial paralysis caused by cold wind

How to treat facial paralysis caused by cold wind Ms. Wang Huai'an, Jiangsu, is a white-collar office worker. Because she is busy with the year-end assessment recently, she almost stays up late every day to work overtime. Recently late at night, Ms. Wang, who had just left work, rode her electric car to her home in a hurry against the cold wind. Unexpectedly, the next morning, her mouth was crooked, her eyes could not be closed, and she suffered from facial paralysis. Since the beginning of winter, the number of patients with facial paralysis in the hospital has increased dramatically. We should pay special attention to it.

Facial paralysis is a common multiple disease, which can occur at any age. After the onset of facial paralysis, it is difficult for patients to raise eyebrows and open their mouths, which seriously affects people's daily life. So, what are the treatment methods of facial paralysis? What is the cause of facial paralysis? What are the follow-up treatment and health care of facial paralysis? Let's learn about it together!

I. causes of facial paralysis

1. Infectious diseases and ear diseases.

2. Autoimmune reaction and poisoning.

3. Neurogenic and traumatic.

4. Metabolic disorders and vascular dysfunction.

5. Tumor and congenital facial nucleus hypoplasia.

2. Causes of recurrent facial paralysis

1. Overwork

With the aggravation of life pressure, many people are in a state of overwork every day. Overwork will cause the decline of immunity. If there is such anger, fear and tension, it is very easy to induce facial paralysis, which is also the reason for facial paralysis.

2. Work pressure and emotion

Too much work pressure and tension is also the cause of facial paralysis. This is because long-term tension and fatigue will cause facial tissue ischemia, hypoxia, and gradually form facial muscle atrophy. In addition, the inherent physiological characteristics and cycle of women, as well as the improper beauty methods chosen out of their love for beauty, may cause different degrees of facial nerve damage.

3. Stimulation of cold air and cold water

According to the survey, 65% of the patients with facial paralysis have been directly stimulated by cold air and cold water before the attack, which is enough to prove that the stimulation of cold air and cold water is one of the causes of facial paralysis. The cold weather in winter will make people's resistance at a lowest point, so when encountering cold air and cold water stimulation, the nerve and blood vessels will have spasms, which will easily lead to facial nerve ischemia and edema. It is also the cause of facial paralysis.

4. Virus infection

Some facial paralysis patients attack because of virus infection, such as cold, otitis and other symptoms can not be treated in time, are likely to lead to facial paralysis, are the causes of facial paralysis. So don't look down on the harm of cold in winter.

3. Treatment of facial paralysis

1. Local physical therapy for patients

At the same time, it also includes surgical treatment and local physical therapy, which is a relatively common treatment method for facial paralysis. When facial paralysis, hot compress the side of facial paralysis for 20 minutes four times a day, which can accelerate blood circulation and eliminate inflammation. Surgical treatment is also commonly used, usually in patients with facial nerve injury, through nerve transplantation and other surgical methods for treatment.

2. Acupuncture and massage

This is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, which often has a better therapeutic effect on patients' diseases. First of all, we need to find a professional traditional Chinese medicine to acupuncture the Hegu, Fengchi, Yifeng and Xiaguan acupoints of patients, and pay attention to the moderate intensity, so that patients do not appear tight and most appropriate, so as to prevent the normal recovery of facial paralysis. At the same time, we should pay attention to massage. The effect of acupuncture and massage is better, which can effectively improve the numbness and promote the recovery of facial paralysis.

3. Rehabilitation training of patients' facial expression

The recovery of patients' diseases is often lack of some rehabilitation training in daily life. In addition to acupuncture, massage and other treatments, patients can also carry out rehabilitation training on their own at the same time, especially the effect of early facial paralysis through self-healing treatment will be better. During the training, we can make a series of actions, such as raising head, shrugging nose, nuzui, closing eyes, frowning, showing teeth, blowing air, puffing up the cheeks, etc., and insist on self rehabilitation training for half an hour every day, which is very beneficial for the early rehabilitation of facial paralysis.

IV. follow up treatment and health care of facial paralysis

1. Pay attention to the consolidation treatment of drugs

Reasonable choice of drug treatment method is also helpful for patients. For example, the interventional therapy of vitamin B1 and B12 is more effective, but it must be based on the pathological condition and case needs, otherwise it will form the facial muscle damage, hemorrhage, fibrosis and inflammatory reaction.

2. Treatment with ancient Chinese Medicine

The treatment cycle of traditional Chinese medicine is long and the side effects are small. It can be treated for a long time. According to the dialectical disorder of the disease, the methods of calming the liver and Yang, dispelling wind and phlegm, dredging meridians and collaterals, and taking pains were adopted, with the aid of acupuncture, physical therapy and hot compress to stimulate the facial nerve function in disorder.

3. Conservative treatment of facial paralysis

You can choose the safer treatment. The treatment methods of sticking medicine, cupping, cutting disorder, fire needle, electroacupuncture and physical therapy can promote the recovery of facial paralysis.

4. Facial hot compress massage

Hot compress and massage the frontopontine, orbicularis oculi, quadratus labii, zygomaticus major and minor, orbicularis oris and quadratus labii.

5. Pay attention to rest

Patients with facial paralysis should pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, avoid all kinds of mental stimulation and excessive fatigue, and pay attention to head and face warmth, so as to facilitate the recovery of the disease.

6. Facial neuromuscular rehabilitation exercise

It is necessary to wrinkle the forehead, lift the eyebrows, close the eyes, shrug the nose, show the teeth, pucker up, puff the cheeks and whistle to recover the facial paralysis.

Facial paralysis is a kind of disease with great harm. If you have facial paralysis, you must see a doctor in time. Because often an oversight, the treatment of facial paralysis will increase the difficulty of the doctor's treatment. After timely treatment, follow-up health care should be done well. Because, one does not pay attention to facial paralysis may recur, thus causing great influence on facial nerve.