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How long is the pre-sale period of train tickets for Spring Festival 2018? When does the spring fest

2018 is coming, so when will the Spring Festival 2018 start? Let's take a look at the pre-sale period of train tickets for the Spring Festival 2018 with Xiaobian. Spring Festival for the friends who want to go home or to make early plans! So spring festival start and end time is a few months?

Start time of Spring Festival 2018

February 1, the 16th lunar month, the year of the rooster

Deadline for the Spring Festival: March 12, the first month, the year of the dog, the second month, the guimao day

Spring Festival 2018: February 1 to March 12 (December 16 to January 25 of the lunar calendar)

Pre-sale period of train tickets for Spring Festival 2018

A: the pre-sale period of train tickets: Internet, telephone: 30 days (including the same day); agency, train station window, automatic ticket machine: 28 days (including the same day)

Characteristics of Spring Festival

1. There is a sharp increase in inter city traffic pressure, and there is no obvious change in urban traffic and international traffic.

2. The traffic pressure is mainly concentrated in land transportation; there are also some pressures in aviation, but the pressure growth is limited due to price and other factors; the pressure growth is extremely limited in the accessible scope and safety of river and sea transportation.

3. The traffic pressure of Spring Festival transportation has obvious timeliness and directionality. Generally, before the Spring Festival, the pressure is mainly concentrated on the routes from the more developed areas to the less developed areas, and from the surrounding cities to tourist attractions; the pressure on the Spring Festival transportation is relatively small on New Year's Eve, the first day and the second day of the first lunar month; after the Spring Festival, the transportation pressure is transferred to the routes from the less developed areas to the developed areas, and from tourist attractions to the surrounding cities. Therefore, the railway department has the view that "Guangzhou before the festival and Chengdu after the festival".