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What are the advantages of washing your face with hot water or cold water in winter

What are the advantages of washing your face with hot water or cold water in winter

Four seas net: once winter arrives, many people get up early to wash their faces is a challenge. Many people will wash their faces with hot water. They think that hot water is gentle and non irritating to the skin. However, some people still wash their faces with cold water. They think that cold water washing helps shrink pores. Is it really good to wash their faces with cold water?

Is it really good to wash your face in cold water? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The benefits of cold water face washing: when the skin is exposed to cold water, the brain will immediately be excited, and command all systems of the body to strengthen activities to adapt to the cold environment; in the long run, the cold resistance of the human body will be improved. Washing face with cold water can also stimulate the contraction of blood vessels in face skin and nasal cavity, not only increase skin elasticity, but also prevent cold. Washing hands with cold water in winter can exercise children's sensitive response to cold stimulation, improve the body's adaptability to cold air, and play a role in preventing cold.

Disadvantages of cold water face washing: but in summer, it is not suitable to wash face with cold water, because when people are sweating, subcutaneous blood vessels expand, pores enlarge and blood circulation speed up. If cold water is suddenly poured on the body at this time, subcutaneous blood vessels will immediately contract, sweat pores will immediately close, secretion of sweat glands will immediately stop, and the channels of heat dissipation on the body will be blocked, and the heat in the body cannot continue to emit, It makes people feel hot on the skin, so it's not cool, and it's easy to get a cold or other diseases. In addition, supercooled water can block the nutrient transport of epidermal cells, thus making the skin lack of nutrition.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot water face washing?

Benefits: hot water wash can help pores expand and thoroughly remove dirt from the skin.

Disadvantages: the overheated water can completely remove the protective film of the skin, which is easy to make the skin loose and pores increase, resulting in rough skin and wrinkles; in addition, if the oil is washed out too much, it will also accelerate the aging of the skin.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternating hot and cold water washing?

Advantages: first wash the face with warm water, and then change the cold water immediately. This can make the pores expand and contract repeatedly, increase the skin elasticity, and delay the generation of wrinkles.

Disadvantages: pores are not like doors and windows. They open when you want to open them and close when you want to close them. The alternation of heat and cold can easily lead to redness of the face, which may aggravate the situation for people with sensitive skin.