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What's the benefit of hot compress, but you also need to know some mistakes

Usually after the operation or some bumps, the doctor requires hot compress, but a certain range of hot compress is useful, but you also need to know these misunderstandings!

Misunderstanding: hot compress is not the hotter the better

The temperature of hot compress should not be too high, usually 40-50 ℃, hot compress about 20 minutes. If hot compress is applied to the delicate part of the skin, the temperature should be lower. At the same time, to avoid long-term fixed in a part of the hot compress, or it is also easy to cause scald, the most common is the improper use of hot water bags resulting in skin scald.

Misunderstanding: not everyone is suitable for hot compress

People with skin insensitivity or abnormality, such as the elderly, children, diabetes patients with neuropathy and stroke, should not apply heat blindly. If you need hot compress, you must pay attention to temperature control, otherwise it is easy to burn.

Misunderstanding: not all diseases are suitable for hot compress

Hot compress is mainly for cold disease, so patients with warm disease should not be hot compress. This kind of crowd often behaves as easy to get angry, especially afraid of heat, or accompanied by halitosis, constipation, women also behaves as menstruation.

Misunderstanding: not everything can be hot

In case of skin ulceration or skin disease, hot compress shall be avoided on the surface of skin lesions to prevent infection or irritation of skin diseases and aggravate symptoms. In addition, in the early stage of acute soft tissue injury, such as sprain and strain, there is blood stasis under the skin, so it is not suitable to apply heat within 24-48 hours, otherwise it will aggravate the local swelling.