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Can Dyson cooling and heating replace air conditioning

Can Dyson cooling and heating replace air conditioning Dyson air conditioning is welcomed by more and more families. Many consumers who want to buy enough will ask if Dyson air conditioning can replace Dyson air conditioning. Let's talk about it.

Can Dyson heating and cooling replace air conditioning

Nowadays, Dyson is paid more and more attention. Some people are attracted by its function and appearance, but they are worried about its practicability. After all, the price of a Dyson fan is more expensive than that of an ordinary air conditioner, and the cost performance is really not high. The refrigeration function of air conditioning is recognized by most people, which makes more consumers tend to air conditioning refrigeration warm. Although this new type of fan has been in China for a long time, ordinary families still don't know much about it. Now people's living conditions have improved and their demands on the quality of life have increased. Therefore, the avant-garde design of Dyson fan has gained more attention.

Having said so much, can Dyson cooling and heating replace air conditioning? There is a difference between the two.

Although Dyson cooling and heating can cool and warm, its main principle is close to that of fan, which can be regarded as the extension of Vaneless fan. Refrigeration generally depends on the strong wind cycle to lower the room temperature. The wind blows to the surface of the human body, making the water on the surface of the human body evaporate and absorb heat to make the human body feel cool. However, the cooling range is limited, and it looks like a few degrees. And heating is added electric porcelain ceramic heating piece, warming is also somewhat similar to the heater.

Air conditioning is to transfer the indoor heat to the outdoor through the 'carrying' effect of the refrigerant, which reduces the temperature of the environment (indoor) where the human body is located. The heat has been transferred to the outside, and when it gets cold indoors, the human body will feel cool. In addition, the heating function is just reversing. The four-way solenoid valve installed in the external unit controls the reversing of the condenser and evaporator, and the air conditioner can heat. (in addition, the air conditioner is also equipped with electric auxiliary heater).

Simple comparison of the two, Dyson heating and cooling by space constraints is relatively large, generally if the room a few dozen square still have obvious effect, and a little bit larger will weaken larger. The overall heating and cooling effect of air conditioning is stronger, especially the cooling effect.

Conclusion: Dyson fan can only be used in the environment with low temperature, because the wind is still hot after the ring temperature is high, which makes people not feel cool; while the air conditioner can be cooled in most environments, and can realize the function of constant temperature. Not to mention that some air conditioners have heating and dehumidification functions. So strictly speaking, it can be done in some special circumstances, but not in most occasions.