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What is the effect and function of longan if you eat too much

What is the effect and function of longan if you eat too much

Sihaiwang: longan is a very familiar tonic. It can be used as medicine, porridge or even as fruit or snacks. But longan is a tonic. You can't eat it more. If you eat it more, it will have side effects. Let's talk about some knowledge about eating longan.

What will happen if I eat more longan

If you eat longan, you will attack the fire

Because it has a certain beauty function, fresh Guiyuan is very popular with some beauty loving women, and some women buy Guiyuan very frequently. But experts do not support the practice of these women.

"One side of water and soil nourishes one side of people". For women in the north, it is better to choose some fruits produced in the north, and to eat fruits depends on their 'attributes'. Usually, it is better to eat more cool fruits such as apples and pears. Longan is a kind of warm tonic fruit. It can be used to tonify blood and Qi. It is good for the weak and the pregnant women who have just given birth to some longan.

But normal women eat more longan, not only can not play the effect of beauty, but also 'attack the fire on the body', resulting in long pimples on the face. Serious will also 'hurt Yin', affect menstruation and so on.

Good for health

Longan, also known as longan, is warm and sweet in nature, beneficial to the heart and spleen and Qi and blood. It has a good nourishing and tonifying effect and can be used for insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitation, vertigo and other diseases caused by deficiency of heart and spleen and deficiency of Qi and blood.

It can also treat physical weakness or mental decline. Women are also very suitable for postnatal care. Li Shizhen recorded in compendium of Materia Medica that litchi is the most valuable food and longan is the best. I admire longan very much.

According to pharmacological studies, longan contains glucose, sucrose, vitamin A, B and many other nutrients, including protein, fat and many minerals.

These nutrients are very necessary for human body. Especially for those who are hard-working, it's more effective to lose heart and blood.

Effect and function of longan

1. Longan contains a variety of nutrients, with the functions of nourishing blood, calming nerves, strengthening brain and intelligence, and nourishing heart and spleen;

2. It was found that the inhibition rate of longan on uterine cancer cells was more than 90%. Women's menopause was the stage of gynecological cancer, so it was good for health to eat longan properly;

3. Longan has a tonic effect and has an auxiliary effect on people who need to be recuperated and who are weak.

4. Longan has sweet taste and warm nature; it can return to the heart and spleen meridian; it has the effect of appetizer, nourishing blood and spleen, tonifying heart and mind, tonifying deficiency and growing wisdom; it can treat anemia, dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia and even mental disorders caused by the lack of niacin, and it also has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer cells.

Nutritional value of longan

1. Rich nutrition

Longan contains a variety of nutrients, with the effect of nourishing blood, calming nerves, brain and intelligence, and heart and spleen.

2. Women's health care

It was found that the inhibition rate of longan on uterine cancer cells was more than 90%. Menopause was the stage of gynecological cancer, and longan was good for health.

3. Benefits

Longan has a tonic effect, and has an auxiliary effect on people who need to be recuperated and have weak physique.

The therapeutic effect of longan

1. Replenish qi and blood, enhance memory

Longan is rich in glucose, sucrose and protein, and has high iron content. It can not only improve heat energy and nutrition, but also promote the regeneration of hemoglobin to replenish blood. It is found that longan meat is not only beneficial to the whole body, but also to brain cells, which can enhance memory and eliminate fatigue.

2. Anshen Dingzhi longan contains a lot of iron, potassium and other elements

It can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin to treat palpitation, palpitation, insomnia and forgetfulness caused by anemia. The content of niacin in longan is as high as 2.5mg (every 100g), which can be used to treat dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia and even mental disorders caused by niacin deficiency.

3. It contains more iron and vitamins

It can reduce the sense of uterine contraction and ptosis, accelerate the development of metabolism of pregnant women and fetus, and has the effect of stillbirth.

4. Antibacterial

The animal experiment of inhibiting cancer cells showed that Guiyuan had a certain inhibitory effect on jtc-26 cells. The symptoms of cancer patients were improved by 90% and the life span was prolonged by 80%. In addition, the aqueous extract (1:2) of Osmanthus officinalis had an inhibitory effect on o'douang.

5. Reduce fat and protect heart

Delaying aging longan meat can reduce blood lipid and increase coronary blood flow. It has a strong inhibitory effect on brain type B monoamine oxidase (MAO-B), which is closely related to the aging process.

How to eat longan

Longan red date tea

Dietary characteristics of longan red jujube tea

A. brain and wisdom

Those who work under high pressure and over use of brain tension, poor memory and memory decline can drink more longan tea to improve brain power.

B, warm up

Improve the constitution of deficiency cold, such as those who often suffer from the constitution of cold and the children who empty cold and wet the bed.

C, breast enhancement

Traditional Chinese medicine says that women are the main source of blood. Women who often eat longan have ruddy faces and plump bodies, so many breast enhancement prescriptions are matched with longan.

D, tranquilizing the nerves

Longan has the effect of calming the mind and nourishing the heart, tonifying the blood and benefiting the spleen. It has a good effect on insomnia.

Diet taboo of longan red jujube tea

Red jujube has always had the function of nourishing blood and Qi, and the nutritional value of longan is also very high. However, longan can't be eaten too much at one time, or it will be a little inflamed.

[ingredients]: dried red dates, longan meat

[seasoning]: rock sugar, honey, water


1. After the date is washed, cut it in half with a knife to remove the date core.

2. Remove the shell and core of dried longan.

3. Put jujube, osmanthus and rock candy into the soup pot, add water, boil over high heat, turn down the heat, simmer for about 30 minutes until the water is dried; keep the heat low, beat with a spoon in the pot, beat the jujube into jujube mud, and dry the separated water at the same time.

4. Cool the boiled jujube, mix it with honey, seal it in a clean glass bottle, take about 10 grams of it for drinking, and mix it with warm boiled water.


1. Experience sharing: the water used to make jujube tea should not be higher than 60 degrees, otherwise the nutritional ingredients of honey will be destroyed.

2. The cooked red jujube tea should be drunk while it is hot, and the materials used to make the tea should also be eaten together; the red jujube tea should be drunk every day, so that the effect will be good; during menstruation or the early stage of cold, you can put ginger to boil together.

We all know the effect of longan. We all know that longan can calm the mind and nourish the brain. A lot of people will eat it, but you can't eat more. You've read the above content, and you know what happens when you eat more. So you should pay attention to it later. Don't eat too much. There are recipes on it. Let's have a look.