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What are the most difficult conditions for China's green card

What are the most difficult conditions for China's green card it's said that the U.S. green card is hard to get. In fact, China's "green card" is more difficult to get. This is not a boast. China's "green card" (i.e. China's permanent residence permit). In the ten years since the implementation of the permanent residence permit in China, the number of people who have got China's "green card" is only 7300, so what are the conditions for taking China's "green card"? Let's take a look at it!

According to the requirements of the law of the people's Republic of China on the administration of the entry and exit of foreigners and the opinions on strengthening the administration of foreigners' permanent residence services, applicants with 'no criminal record' can go through four ways:

1. The direct investment in China is more than 2 million yuan, the investment is stable for three consecutive years and the tax payment record is good;

2. Having worked in China as a deputy general manager, deputy factory director or above, or having a deputy senior professional title such as associate professor, associate researcher or above, and enjoying equal treatment, having been in China for 4 consecutive years or more, with a cumulative stay of no less than 3 years and a good tax record;

3. Having significant and outstanding contributions to China and special needs of the country;

4. Family reunion.

The first two are the thresholds that have been lowered in recent years, but many ordinary foreigners are still blocked. There are not many examples of outstanding contributions. According to a group of data released by the central organization department in June 2014, as of May of the same year, 1612 foreign personnel and their families applied for the approval of the green card with "special contributions", accounting for about 1 / 3 of the total amount of the green card, including 1306 foreign talents and their families introduced by the "thousand talents plan", as well as high-level talents recommended by various ministries and provincial people's governments The rest of the more ordinary foreigners get green cards by 'family reunion'.