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How to disinfect the towel

How to disinfect the towel

Towel is the most frequently used household goods. Whether the towel is clean or not is also directly related to our health. Usually, the towel will be placed in a cool place, which will breed a lot of bacteria. How to disinfect the towel? Let's take a look at the methods of towel disinfection.

1. Sun exposure

Wash the towel and then put it in the sun, which is the most simple and practical method of sterilization. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will eliminate bacteria and leave the smell of sunlight.

2. Boil in a pan

Find a clean pot, and then boil boiling water into a towel, so disinfection is the most thorough.

3. Blanching in boiling water

Put the towel in the basin, pour boiling water into it, and keep it still for about 15 minutes, so the sterilization effect is also very good.

4. Microwave disinfection

With clean utensils, wet the towel, seal it with plastic wrap, and heat it in microwave oven for 5 minutes to achieve disinfection effect.

5. Disinfection of disinfection cabinet

Friends who have disinfection cabinet at home can directly disinfect with disinfection cabinet.