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How did Sichuan farmers grow 238 Jin "sweet potato king" giant sweet potatoes?

How do Sichuan farmers grow 238 Jin 'sweet potato King' giant sweet potatoes? over the years, cherries are getting bigger and bigger, strawberries are getting bigger and bigger, fruits and vegetables are getting bigger and bigger, but the taste is not as good as before. No, recently, the sweet potato planted by this man has become famous. When the sweet potato was just dug out, it was planted to 238 Jin. What's the reason for planting such a big sweet potato? Let's talk with Xiaobian.

At noon on November 30, Zhou Caihui, 61, rode a tricycle out of Minhe Jiayuan community in Jianyang City, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and was surrounded by people. People rushed to a sweet potato on his tricycle. This sweet potato occupied most of the positions in the tricycle. When it was dug out, it weighed 238 Jin. People around called it "sweet potato essence".

Zhou Caihui, a small local farmer in Jianyang, has grown giant sweet potatoes weighing more than 100 Jin for many years. This year, the weight of this sweet potato is twice that of him. He was once taken to Chengdu for exhibition.

Wang Dayi, a researcher of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and former chief expert of Sichuan Province in crop breeding and potato, said she had communicated with Zhou Caihui many times, but the old man was reluctant to say the 'core technology' of giant sweet potatoes. Wang Dayi introduced that this kind of giant sweet potato is not very different from ordinary sweet potato in eating. In actual production, because of its huge size, it is not necessary to promote too much.

Giant sweet potato

Five men can carry the car

On November 30, at the gate of Minhe Jiayuan community, Zhou Caihui asked his wife to take a steelyard from home and weigh the sweet potatoes again on the spot. With the help of two middle-aged men, I tried several times and finally weighed out the weight of sweet potato: 218 Jin!

Half a month ago, it was 238 Jin when it was just dug out. Zhou Caihui said that in the past half a month, it is normal for the weight of sweet potato to be reduced due to water loss and other reasons.

In addition to participating in a large crop exhibition in Chengdu, Zhou Caihui has always put the sweet potato in the courtyard of the community. He plans to make sweet potatoes into flour in two days' time. 'my sweet potato flour costs one or two yuan more than a Jin. 'Zhou Caihui spoke with pride.

Half a month ago, when Zhou Caihui dug up sweet potatoes from the ground, he spent more than half an hour just digging away the surrounding soil. After all the sweet potatoes were revealed, Zhou Caihui couldn't move at all. With a lunch, he hired four friends and five talents to move the big guy onto the tricycle.

On the day of pulling back to the community, Zhou Caihui and his friend said, '238 Jin! It's almost what I estimated. Zhou Caihui said that this is the biggest sweet potato he has planted, which weighs twice his own weight.

According to the commercial tape measure, this sweet potato is up to 109 cm long and 86 cm high.

Urban open space

And the sweet potatoes didn't come out

Zhou Caihui didn't grow such a huge sweet potato for the first time. He claimed to have planted more than 140 Jin of sweet potatoes in the 1990s. Two years ago, the media reported that Zhou Caihui had planted 190 Jin of giant sweet potatoes.

Under the leadership of Zhou Caihui, the reporter came to his sweet potato field. This is a small open space in the city that has not yet been developed. There is also a sweet potato exposed on the ground, which is covered by sweet potato rattan leaves. 'tomorrow we'll dig it out. It's estimated to weigh about 180 Jin. '

Zhou Caihui said that 238 Jin of sweet potatoes were dug out from the side of this one. "This year, we planted three nests of sweet potatoes, only these two nests succeeded. '

What's the secret of planting giant sweet potatoes? Zhou Caihui asked someone to write a 'secret recipe' with a brush and put it on the tricycle dragging sweet potatoes. 'a sweet potato vine, buried in the soil, stepped on a few feet, 200 grams of urea, a ladle of fecal water, that's it. Zhou Caihui read the secret recipe to the onlookers, but it was widely questioned.

'we also need to master the water content well. The planting steps are very strict. A little more and a little less. If we make a mistake and a little less, we will not succeed. 'Zhou Caihui said that his own method can't be developed by others' following it.' I can guarantee that each nest will grow so big. '

'each nest is so big, you must have some special skills. 'the reporter asked.

'trade secrets!' Zhou Caihui replied.

Expert interpretation

Sweet potato king has ornamental value

Zhou Caihui said that in June this year, he inserted sweet potato vines into the soil. By the middle of November, the sweet potato had reached 238 Jin.

From time perspective, the growth cycle of this giant sweet potato is 5 months, totaling more than 150 days. The 'sweet potato King' needs to grow more than one Jin every day. 'it can grow up to 300 Jin at most. "Zhou Caihui is full of confidence in this growth rate.

With questions, the reporter called Wang Dayi, a researcher of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and former chief expert of Sichuan Province in crop breeding. Wang Dayi said that a few years ago, she learned that Zhou Caihui had planted giant sweet potatoes. After that, she went to Jianyang many times to communicate with Zhou Caihui and participated in the excavation of sweet potatoes. "He didn't say the core planting technology and didn't get effective information. '

'this is the biggest sweet potato I have ever seen. "Wang Dayi said," I haven't really eaten it. I don't know how it tastes. In theory, it's not better than ordinary sweet potatoes. '

According to Wang Dayi, sweet potato is a kind of crop that can grow indefinitely, but according to the current planting technology and growth principle, only by prolonging its growth cycle or stimulating its growth, can giant sweet potato be produced. "In terms of its growth cycle, time has not been extended, which belongs to the normal range. '

Has this sweet potato ever used any stimulant such as swelling agent? 'I don't use any chemicals, it's absolutely green. "Zhou Caihui patted his chest and said.

'no test was carried out, I dare not make a conclusion. "In response to the above questions, Wang Dayi said that the quality of sweet potato will be increased but the quality will be reduced after the use of the expander.

'this kind of giant sweet potato has only ornamental value, and its edible value is not strong. It is better to choose ordinary sweet potato for family consumption. "Said Wang Dayi.