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Anhui 70000 pieces of student information disclosed to whom the personal information of students was

Anhui 70000 pieces of student information disclosed to whom the personal information of students was exposed at ordinary times, we will receive strange calls, some of which are various kinds of sales promotion, some of which pretend to be family members or state officials to carry out fraud activities. How did our phone numbers get exposed? Who are the people who called us?

The boss illegally obtained the personal information of the citizen before the employee's real name Report

On the evening of November 26, a netizen posted a micro blog, reporting Wang Lei, the head of Anhui superior education in Northern Anhui Province, who illegally obtained 70000 pieces of information about the parents of students, and made phone sales.

Xu Qian, the publisher of the microblog, said he was reporting under his real name and didn't need to cover up. He said that about 70000 pieces of student information are stored in his micro cloud disk, including student information of Lixin campus, Huoqiu campus and most primary schools in Hefei.

These information include school, grade, class, student name, student's parents' name, mobile phone number, and even the work unit of student's parents has detailed records. There are 50000 student information in the 'copy of Hefei primary school student information' document alone.

Xu Qian said that Wang Lei gave him all the student information. Wang Lei is the head of Hefei Branch of Anhui outstanding education and Culture Consulting Co., Ltd. in January this year, Xu Qian invested 15000 yuan in Wang Lei's company through friends' relationship to take charge of art training courses, but Xu Qian said that this course has not been opened after class.

Xu Qian said he didn't know where the student information came from. He worked for a month in Hefei Branch of outstanding education company, mainly responsible for telemarketing training courses, because he didn't think it was good for his development. A month later, he chose to quit his job.

Whether the student information is true or not

The reporter opens the "42 middle school grade one resource" file, which contains the information of grade one students. The reporter randomly selected the phone number of Tang's parents, a junior one student, to call in the past, and learned that Tang is now a junior two student. This list shows that Tang is a freshman, while Xu Qian got the list in February this year, when Tang was a freshman. Tang's parents said they can receive sales calls from training institutions almost every day.

There are 50000 pieces of information about primary school students in Hefei, involving 30 primary schools in Hefei from grade one to grade six. Reporters randomly selected several parents of students to call in the past. After verification, the information is true, and their parents have received calls from training institutions to promote courses.

30 primary school students' information disclosure targeted at the school

Fifty thousand student information covers 30 primary schools in Hefei City, from grade one to grade six. These schools are distributed in Luyang District, Shushan District, economic development district, Baohe District, Yaohai District, etc.

List of schools involved: Nanmen primary school, Lu'an Road Primary School, Qingnian Road Primary School, Xiyuan new village primary school, Qingnian Road Primary School, affiliated normal school, Mengyuan primary school, Zhaoxia primary school, jadeite school, Lu'an Road Primary School, baijingwan primary school, Nanmen primary school, Nanguo Garden Primary School, Tiegang new village primary school, Lu'an Road Primary School, China Railway International City Campus, Lu'an Road Primary School, Rongcheng Garden Branch, Bozhou Road Primary school, amber mountain village primary school, Lenong new village primary school, Lenong new village primary school north area, Xiyuan new village primary school, Yiheyuan primary school, fenghuangcheng primary school, Huangshan Road Primary School, xiangzhangyayuan primary school, daoxiangcun primary school new area, Lvyi primary school, Affiliated Primary School of Anyi University, Xiyou Road Primary School, Zhuxi primary school, yuanyimingcheng primary school, Heping Road Primary School East school and Datong primary school.

If parents and teachers see the list of these students, what's their reaction? The reporter first went to Xiyou Road Primary School in Hefei government district The students on the list of "second grade of Xiyou Road Primary School" are now in the fourth grade. This student information includes not only the student's name and grade, but also the name, mobile phone number and work unit of the student's father and mother. Some students and parents found their own information on the list, and they said it was true. They were shocked and puzzled: How did the information leak out? Some parents suspected that it was leaked out by the school.