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Sima Yi, grand military division: when will the tiger roaring dragon chant be broadcasted? When will

Sima Yi, grand military division: when will the tiger roaring dragon chant be broadcasted? When will it be broadcasted after the word-of-mouth and TV coverage of "Army division alliance of Sima Yi", many netizens are paying attention to the "tiger roaring and dragon chanting" below. Recently, the "tiger roaring and dragon chanting" of Sima Yi, a military division, is about to start broadcasting. The play mainly tells about Sima Yi's magnificent second half of his life. I believe that the play still continues to be of high standard of excellent production. Let's have a look at it together!

The ancient costume giant "Huxiao Longyin", starring Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Zhang Junning, Tang Yixin, Wang Luoyong, Liu Huan and many other powerful groups, received good news again after the announcement of the filing on December 8, and the official notice was released today. As a well-known domestic drama, "Huxiao Longyin" has always been concerned.

PK of top military division in Three Kingdoms

In the exposed film, Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang play chess at the beginning, and 'reappear' the peak battle between the two top military divisions of the Three Kingdoms. In the video, Sima Yi presents his extraordinary life in two minutes. 'looking from the East, looking at Biqi's ambition, glory and greatest achievement', we can see Sima Yi's extreme desire and vigorous courage to realize his ambition in his heart; 'looking from the East, looking at Biqi's life, looking at time', is Sima Yi's understanding and transformation; 'looking from the East, looking at people's heart' is Sima Yi's final great understanding and return of human nature.

It's worth mentioning that the old Sima Yi played by Wu Xiubo, either wearing a battle armor or wearing a red robe, played a military division of the later three kingdoms who had gone through vicissitudes of life and finally became a key Minister of the great Wei Dynasty incisively and vividly, with great explosive power and tension, and the explosive performance is expected.

"Tiger roaring and dragon chanting" has been upgraded in all aspects. After its excellent production, it reappears the situation of the Three Kingdoms

In the military division alliance, many powerful actors, such as Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Yu Hewei and so on, have contributed a large wave of historical level Idou to the audience by virtue of their superb acting skills. Sima Yi, Zhang Chunhua, Cao Cao, Cao Pi and other characters are deeply popular. The historical picture of the later three kingdoms from the perspective of the state of Wei also unfolded.

It is understood that the plot of Huxiao Longyin follows the Army division alliance closely, which mainly tells the battle between Sima Yi and Zhugeliang, the middle-aged and old people, and the story of Sima Yi's cultivation of power and his transition from togu to the powerful officials of Wei after Cao Pi's death. From young students to enough to compete with Zhuge Liang, from forbearance life to the peak of life, the conflicts between Ma Yi, the master company, will be upgraded in an all-round way and more interesting.

In addition, from the materials that have been exposed, the overall drama tension of Huxiao Longyin will be more wonderful. At home, Cao Zhen's clan will launch the ultimate PK with Sima Yi's son, and Cao Rui, emperor of Wei Ming, will launch the mutual support and suspicion relationship with Sima Yi. The treacherous play of Bo Yun in the Dynasty will be more turbulent. Externally, the Western Shu and the eastern Wu are covetous and aggressive towards Wei, and the military confrontation between Zhuge Liang, Lu Xun and Sima Yi is also fierce It makes "tiger roaring and dragon chanting" grand and heroic war plays increase, which is expected.

From the perspective of the movie, "Huxiao Longyin" inherits the fast rhythm of "no pee point" in the military division alliance, with excellent pictures and more war scenes. It is expected that some netizens commented that "Huxiao Longyin" is expected to break the curse of domestic drama. It is reported that "Huxiao Longyin" will be broadcast on December 8 alone on Please look forward to it.