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Tickets to Nanputuo temple in Xiamen

Nanputuo temple tourism strategy, Nanputuo Temple opening hours, Xiamen Nanputuo temple tourism strategy, and Xiaobian together to understand it!

Admission: Free

Opening Hours:

Waishanmen: 3:00-20:00;

Neishanmen: 3:00-18:00

Introduction to Nanputuo Temple

Nanputuo temple is under Wulao peak in the south of Xiamen Island. Founded in the Tang Dynasty, it is one of the Buddhist resorts in Southern Fujian. The temple's Tianwang hall, daxiongbao hall and Dabei hall are exquisitely constructed and magnificent. Each hall is dedicated to Maitreya, the third Buddha, Qianshou Guanyin, the four heavenly kings and the eighteen Arhats. The Sutra collection pavilion has rich and colorful Buddhist relics, including classics, Buddha statues, bronze bells of the Song Dynasty, ancient books, etc. the blood book miaofe lianhuajing in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty and the famous white porcelain Guanyin by he Chaozong are the most valuable. There are many inscriptions around the temple, including the famous stone inscriptions of Chen Di and Shen yourong in Wanli of Ming Dynasty and the imperial stele of Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. The stone inscription with the word "Buddha" on the cliff behind the temple is one foot high and four feet wide. At the back of the temple, there are five peaks, lush pines and bamboos, and beautiful rock valleys. It is called "five old Lingxiao". It is one of the eight scenic spots in Xiamen.

Nanputuo temple has a large scale, covering an area of 258000 square meters and a construction area of 21270 square meters. In the temple, there are Tianwang hall, Daxiong Hall (currently under repair, temporarily unable to visit), Dabei hall, sutra Pavilion, etc. The bell and Drum Tower, the new charity building on the left and the Puzhao building on the right are magnificent.

Nanputuo temple is full of incense, and there is an endless stream of pilgrims and tourists. In Nanputuo temple, the thousand handed Avalokitesvara technique is exquisite, and the Buddhist cultural relics are rich and colorful in the Sutra Pavilion. Around the temple, there are many celebrity inscriptions. On the back of the temple, there are stone inscriptions with the word "Buddha" on the cliff, one foot high and four feet wide. South Putuo temple after the five old peak is up, climb overlooking the mountains, sea waves, panoramic view.

The layout of Nanputuo temple is three halls and seven halls. It faces south from the north and faces the sea from the mountain. Its architectural style has unique characteristics of Southern Fujian. In addition to the theme buildings such as Tianwang hall, Dabei hall, Daxiong hall and Sutra Pavilion, there are also buildings such as Buddhist Academy, free life pool and lotus pool in the temple.

Nanputuo is near Xiamen University. After enjoying the picturesque campus scenery, you may as well come to Nanputuo to taste the vegetarian dishes and have a quiet heart. Every year on February 19, June 19 and September 19 of the lunar calendar, a grand Buddhist activity is held in Nanputuo temple. Many believers hold incense and kowtow to pray for health and wealth. In the temple, tourists have the opportunity to taste the famous vegetables of Nanputuo temple.