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How to set up voice reminder for Alipay arrival? Alipay arrival reminder set up demonstration

How to use the voice reminder function of Alipay's own money collection account? Because with the popularity of Alipay and your threat, many people will use them to transfer accounts and transactions.

We have paid more and more attention to Alipay payment in our daily life, and Alipay's functions are gradually improving. A business user asked, how did you know when Alipay was paying the bill when you were busy? At this time, you can set up the voice broadcast of Alipay's collection. Alipay itself has the function of voice notification, but some users do not know how to set it up.

Opening method of voice notification function for Alipay arrival

Alipay also reminds us that the code for collecting money is voice broadcast, and that every account is broadcast by voice. It will not be deceived by screenshots.

Open mode: Alipay click the upper right corner settings - General - new message notification.