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Can bike sharing ride home secretly? What are the consequences of cycling home

how about sharing bike and riding home? The consequences of riding a bike home. The emergence of bike sharing greatly facilitates people's daily life, but many people will ride bike sharing home for their own self-interest. This kind of behavior is not only a performance of low quality, but also a sanction. Sharing resources is absolutely not allowed to be privately owned.

Recently, a media report caused a lot of public heated discussion and forwarding: on the afternoon of February 22, at the gate of a hospital in Beijing, two female nurses who had just come off work were just about to open a small yellow car that had been locked privately, and they were caught by the police nearby. Two female nurses admitted to occupying the bike shared by ofo without permission, and were later sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days for theft.

1. Public bicycle is the last kilometer for the convenience of citizens. That is, the distance from the station and the subway station to the community.

Since it's a public bicycle, it's what everyone needs to use. You can ride to the neighborhood, but you can't say to take it home or add a private lock or the like. Private individuals can enjoy a public bicycle, which is almost like stealing. It is not advocated by social positive energy. If we catch them, we will be punished accordingly. If everyone is like this, it will not be long before the public bicycles are all occupied by you. What about other people in need?

2. If there is a public bicycle, you can return it to the parking point near the entrance of the community. If it's a shared bicycle without piles, you need to stop at the eye-catching place where you can park your bicycle, so that the next user can easily find it, and lock the charging.