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Liangtaigou tourist guide in Lixian County, Sichuan Province

The magnificent snow mountains, the verdant canyons, the clear and surging streams, and the red stone beaches are the liangtaigou that we recommend to you today. If it's a two-day trip, I would suggest that both bipenggou and liangtaigou can be visited.

Recommended route: bipenggou + liangtaigou in Lixian County

Route: D1 Chengdu Wenchuan Taoping qiangzhai Lixian liangtaigou

D2 liangtaigou bipenggou liangtaigou Wenchuan Chengdu

Equipment: snacks, a lot of meat, a lot of mineral water, pot, barbecue net, charcoal, homemade headlights, tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, etc., barbecue in the evening.

Is the road easy?

People who have been there will react. On August 23, I went to liangtaigou. The scenery is very good, with mountains and flowing water, green mountains and green waters. You can enjoy the red stone by the roadside and the ditch above the five bends, and you can also see the snow mountain from a distance. The whole process is smooth. No one will charge for the car! I went there on October 4. There is no road block. I can drive directly to the foot of the snow mountain.

I went camping in liangtaigou once in November. I arrived too late and barbecued in the dark. The weather was cold, headache and altitude reaction.

Basically, the road condition of liangtaigou is very good.

Time reference: 1-3 hours

Transportation: liangtaigou is located in Solow Valley, 260km away from Chengdu. It's on the same route with bipenggou scenic spot, driving for 3-4 hours.

Self driving route: Chengguan Expressway Duwen Expressway G317 Xuecheng Lixian G317 left turn bipenggou tourist center liangtaigou

Admission: Free

Opening hours: all day

Address: Putou suluogou, Li County, Aba Prefecture

Route: Chengdu Lixian bipenggoukou soluogou village liangtaigou.

Introduction of liangtaigou scenic spot

Liangtaigou is located in the area of pusuoluo gully in Lixian County. The total length of the gully is 16km. It is close to bipeng gully. The altitude is a little high. If you are not careful, you will have altitude reaction. It's said that bipenggou is the brightest protagonist in autumn. Liangtaigou is on the same line with him. There is no ticket for liangtaigou. It is said that the gate of a lover's Valley has been gradually repaired at the mouth of the gully, and there are many artificial landscapes in it. Is this not far from charging!

Many people think that the road here is not easy to walk. One of the important reasons is that liangtaigou was blocked by local people with stones before, but now it is not!

Wide and clean ground, undulating mountains, dense forests, winding road, through the mountains. Go straight ahead after the gate of bipenggou. The roadside is green and soft grass, scattered stones, the eye-catching place is shrouded in smoke, the mountain is empty

It's a small house made of wood. In the season of collecting Cordyceps sinensis, they will live here for the convenience of going up the mountain. One by one, the logs make a simple house, and the roof is covered with lush moss and weeds, perfectly integrated with nature. The nearby hillside is haunted by light clouds and smoke. With the gentle movement of the breeze, the mountains are covered with luxuriant forests and bamboo trees. The sound of surging water comes from afar, and the magnificent waterfall flying down the mountain not far away can be seen.

The bright sunshine spreads on the green mountain peak, and large clouds cast large shadows on the hillside. It's like a garden of Eden, where the sun is not dry and birds are singing in the empty mountains. It should be very immortal to take photos here!

The red stone beach under the snow mountain is the most spectacular. Looking up is the ancient pure snow mountain. In front of us is the stone beach like cinnabar makeup.

One of the most famous scenic spots in liangtaigou is hongshitan. It's gorgeous and beautiful! In autumn, hongshitan is more and more colorful. The bright red, clear stream, high in the sun, the air is particularly pure. Now you can see the snow mountain in liangtaigou. All the friends who have been there on National Day are saying that the beautiful scenery here is really beautiful!

If you camp here at night, you can see the stars all over the sky and the bright Milky way at night, and you can see the starry sky on the plateau. It is said that your sight will be even wider.