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Why does the real phone number appear frequently in "hunting ground"

Why does the real phone number appear frequently in "hunting ground" Recently, the hit TV series "hunting ground" won the audience of Changhong, and Hu Ge returned because of a good play this year. The story of "hunting ground" has become a topic for everyone to talk about after dinner. There are several phone numbers in "the hunting ground", which are actually real people's phones. They are remembered because of the popularity of the TV series, and the phone number of the owner of the phone is exploded, which is very painful.

Shenzhen Citizen's mobile phone number was "leaked" by "hunting ground"

In the 25 episode of "the hunting ground", there is a telephone number of a Shenzhen citizen, and Hu Ge, a well-known actor, calls the number in person in the play. Well, this Shenzhen Citizen's phone number has been exploded recently, harassing text messages one after another, and even normal business has been seriously affected. In a rage, this Shenzhen Citizen calls the investors, producers and distributors of the TV play And the broadcasting party and other 8 units sent lawyer letters.

However, on November 19 this year, when the 25th episode of the trailer was broadcasted on some video websites of the play, the wechat message sent by Lin Bai (Chen Long) to Zheng Qiudong (Hu Ge) showed a mobile phone number with the tail number of 7696. Moreover, Zheng Qiudong (Hu Ge) also called the number during the broadcast of the main film, and the screen gave two close ups. The number was very clear and not blocked completely On the screen, the number is owned by the president of a large company in the play.

In fact, this mobile phone number is used by Mr. Zhao, a citizen of Nanshan District, Shenzhen city. After the trailer and the main film are broadcast, many viewers mistakenly think that this mobile phone number is related to the actors in the play, so they try to call or send messages. Because part of the audience calls frequently day and night, and at the same time applies to add the client's wechat friends through the mobile phone number, Mr. Zhao receives thousands of strange calls every day, asking all kinds of strange questions, and often the number of people dialing in the early morning is large, which seriously affects Mr. Zhao's normal life and rest.

Mr. Zhao is engaged in e-commerce. He has to contact customers by phone every day. Since the TV series appeared, a large number of harassing calls made him dare not answer strange calls every day, and his business has also been affected.

Send lawyer's letter to several units under the disturbance

As of yesterday, Mr. Zhao's mobile phone number still receives a harassment call every few minutes, which seriously affects his normal life. He also wants to change the number, but the number has been used for many years and has been bound with various clients and bank cards. Changing the number is not his choice.

What to do? There is still his number in the online video. Mr. Zhao thought of taking up the legal weapon to protect his rights. To this end, he found a law firm and entrusted it to send lawyer letters to eight relevant units of the TV play "hunting ground" so that all parties could stop the infringement as soon as possible.

Liu xiafeng, acting lawyer of Guangdong Jintang law firm, thinks that the investors, producers and broadcasters of "hunting ground" use the telephone number of unknown ownership at will in the widely spread TV series, which seriously affects the normal work and life of the client, directly violates the privacy right and freedom of communication right of the actual user of the number, that is, the client, and the infringement still exists In the continuous process, the relevant parties shall bear the corresponding legal liabilities for the infringement facts that have occurred.

For this reason, the lawyer's letter requires all relevant companies to stop the infringement immediately after receiving this letter, compensate for the loss and apologize publicly. If these companies fail to complete the above matters within seven days after receiving the lawyer's letter, the law firm will file a lawsuit according to the authorization of the client Mr. Zhao.

Up to now, only a video website has replied to the lawyer's letter, asking Mr. Zhao to provide relevant evidence first, and then will deal with the phone number in "hunting ground".

Phone number incident is in trouble again

Just after the storm, a new round of storm is approaching In the 43 episodes of this update, when the Roy called Lin Bai, the cast unexpectedly broke out another set of phone numbers. Netizens shouted: "this time, this time, it's the turn to see who's unlucky!"!

Is the hunting ground crew, starring Hu Ge, going to do the same thing for this time? Actually, the editor has just found out but has not been verified. Maybe this time, the crew will be able to learn from the mistakes and won't be confused again!

The plot is still developing and a lot of viewers are chasing it. There are also various purposes, some to pursue the plot, some to look for the troupe plot in the popular drama, to make the topic of after dinner, no matter what, we all admit the performance strength of Hu Ge!

"Hunting ground" has been updated to this day, just to the climax of the play, all the plots are integrated together, and it's almost the end of the plot. I hope "hunting ground" can have a good ending!