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3 ways to free Alipay cash in 2018

Alipay has only 20 thousand yuan of free cash withdrawals per person, and some people have run out at a time. Therefore, we need to find new ways to avoid Alipay's cash handling charges. Today, we will introduce the following ways to make Alipay withdraw fees in 2018.

1. Ant integral

Maybe many people do not pay attention to the ant score all the time. Actually, it can be used to exchange the amount of Alipay's free cash withdrawals. Just open the Alipay - ant members and slide down to the insurance and financial management.

Here, Xiaobian can exchange 1000 points for 1500 yuan of free withdrawal. Different member levels have different exchange ratios. The highest diamond and Platinum members can exchange 1000 points for 3000 yuan of free withdrawal.

So how to get ant points? In fact, there are many ways to get points. You can get points by using Huabei payment, life payment, Taobao shopping and even saving money in yu'ebao.

If you still have a lot of integrals useless, hurry up and change Alipay's free cash limit.

2. Collection code

By applying for the official payment code of Alipay, as long as others sweep your two-dimensional code payment, this part of the funds can be free to cash.

3. Yu Libao

In addition, we can also open up Yu Libao to realize fee free cash withdrawal through transfer in and transfer out of Yu Libao.

Although Alipay now needs to collect fees, the three methods are very effective now. After reading this article, you will no longer have to worry about handling fees.