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What's the date of Spring Festival 2018? When do you have three times of salary for working overtime

another month is about to enter 2018. What kind of harvest do you have in this year? What's the date of next spring festival? How many days is the Spring Festival holiday? How about overtime pay during the Spring Festival? Let's take a look with small editors of!

With the approval of the State Council, the specific arrangements for the holidays of new year's day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and national day in 2018 are hereby notified as follows.

I. New Year's Day: it's off on January 1, and it's continuous with the weekend.

2. Spring Festival: from February 15 to 21, there are 7 days off. Work on February 11 (Sunday) and February 24 (Saturday).

3. Qingming Festival: from April 5 to 7, there are three days off. Go to work on Sunday, April 8.

4. Labor Day: from April 29 to May 1, there are three days off. Go to work on Saturday, April 28.

5. Dragon Boat Festival: on June 18, the holiday will be held continuously with the weekend.

6. Mid Autumn Festival: it's off on September 24, and it's continuous with the weekend.

7. National Day: from October 1 to 7, there will be 7 days off. September 29 (Saturday), September 30 (Sunday).

During the holidays, all regions and departments shall properly arrange the work of duty, safety and security. In case of major emergencies, they shall timely report and properly handle them according to the regulations, so as to ensure the people to spend the holidays peacefully and safely.

General Office of the State Council

November 30, 2017

What are the three salary days for the Spring Festival in 2018

During the seven days of Spring Festival holiday, the first, second and third days of the first day are three times of salary, while the other four days are only two times of salary.

Schedule of Spring Festival holiday in 2018

The Spring Festival holiday in 2018 is from February 15 (New Year's Eve) to February 21 (the sixth day of the first month), a total of seven days, including four days off for two weekends. These seven days are statutory holidays stipulated by the state. These seven days are paid holidays in China, and the holidays are protected by the state. No private person or company can change the holiday time. If it is necessary to work overtime during the holiday, overtime pay shall be paid as compensation.

Therefore, the Spring Festival holiday in 2018 is arranged as follows: from Friday, 27th, 2018 to Thursday, 2nd, February 2018, a total of 7 days. Among them, February 16 (first day), February 17 (second day) and February 18 (third day) are statutory holidays The Spring Festival of 2018 is the first day of the first month on February 16, namely the lunar new year, commonly known as "new year". Spring Festival is not only the day to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, but also the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation.

How to calculate the overtime wage in the Spring Festival of 2018

In some national units, such as hospitals, public security, traffic police and some private companies, overtime during the Spring Festival holiday will inevitably occur. These overtime work during the Spring Festival holiday can enjoy overtime pay. The overtime pay for the Spring Festival holiday is divided into three days of holiday leave and four days of compensatory leave. The overtime pay for the three days of holiday leave is three times of the normal wage, while the overtime pay for the four days of compensatory leave is three times of the normal wage It's twice the normal wage.

Payment standard of overtime

(1) when arranging overtime work on normal working days, the employee shall be paid not less than 150% of his / her own salary.

(2) if it is impossible to arrange workers' work on the rest day and make up the rest time, it shall pay 200% of the normal daily wage to the workers.

(3) if workers are arranged to work on statutory holidays, they shall be paid not less than 300% of their wages.