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Alipay's latest complete loan portfolio 2018

What are the Alipay loans? In 2018, Alipay's latest complete loan collection is as follows.

I'll borrow the ants

Ant borrow is a unsecured, unsecured Alipay credit loan, the amount is between 500-300000 yuan, the longest loan period is 12 months, the daily interest rate varies between 0.02-0.05%.

Ant flowers

Ant financial services launched a consumer credit product, function similar to ID card, can be consumed before repayment, 30 days interest free period, the 10th of each month is the repayment date. The amount of Huabei is 500-50000 yuan. You can choose 3, 6, 9 and 12 phases.

Master of IOU

Alipay sesame is quick and small loan products, with sesame credit score can be borrowed, 1 minutes application, the amount of 1000-5000 yuan, the fastest 30 minutes to account!

Sesame loan

If there is no amount of the second one upstairs, you can try this one. At present, the requirement is low. You can borrow money with ID card and bank card. The pass rate is as high as 90%. New users are almost seconds away. The audit is fast and the payment is fast! Good loan!

Small yellow loan

Xiao Huang people's loan is the latest loan product of the leisure flower. The amount of the loan is between 2000-50000 yuan, and users with sesame seeds more than 580 can search for Alipay's "comfort flower" or "instant finance". The key point is that you can also apply for deferred repayment without worrying about the impact of overdue credit.

Good time loan

The maximum amount is 200 thousand, hitting your Alipay account directly, with a minimum daily interest rate of 0.03%. Sesame credit score can not be less than 600 points, need mobile phone real name for 3 months. Good term loan is the most recommended recommendation of all small loans made by Alipay. The interest rate is low and the threshold is not very high. It is worth choosing.

Good to borrow money

A good loan is that gf's direct bank has a personal credit loan launched by Mickey financial and Alipay. The maximum amount of credit can reach 200000, and the daily interest rate is 0.03%. The credit qualification of users is relatively high, and the application can only be applied when the sesame score is above 700.


The comfort flower is a credit loan product that is immediately consumed by the financial company, and it can be applied to Alipay's attention to the ease of life. The loan limit is 500-50000 yuan, and the maximum limit for new users is only 1000 yuan, which requires a score of 620 or more.

Let's divide it by stages

Staging is a credit loan product launched by Alipay in partnership with phasing out loans. It is a phased loan area specially developed for college students. Sesame score in more than 600 students can get 2500 yuan credit line, but also enjoy 30 days of interest free, not too cost-effective oh.

Online business loan

E-commerce loan is a loan product launched by e-commerce banks. It provides 10-300000 yuan of e-commerce loan service. You can apply for it if you are over 22 years old and have a sesame credit score of no less than 600. The deposit rate is more than 60%, and you can provide up to 500000 yuan of financial support every week.

Order loan

Order loan is a loan from Alipay to Taobao sellers. Taobao has a personal shop and can apply for loans to Taobao sellers center. The current daily interest rate of Taobao order loan is about 5 / 10000, which is not high, but it is a good choice for Taobao sellers who can not get loans from the bank.

Flow loan

Flow loan is a credit product for small and medium-sized entrepreneurial websites, which is jointly launched by e-commerce bank and cnzz. The rate of flow loan is 89%, and the amount is 2-10 000, which is approved by Alipay.