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What are the black things on the teeth? How to get them off

What are the black things on the teeth? How to get them off

Four seas network: usually face-to-face chat with people, showing yellow teeth and black teeth, rude to people themselves feel very embarrassed. What is the black thing on the tooth, how to brush the tooth also brush not to drop, how to do?

What are these black unidentified objects? In fact, the black dirt on the teeth is also a calculus.

Dental calculus is mainly formed on the basis of soft scaling and mineral salts, such as calcium salt deposition. It is a general term for mineralized plaque and other deposits attached to the tooth surface.

It is relatively hard and tightly attached to the teeth. Generally, it can't be brushed off. It can only be scraped off with instruments. Most of the dental calculus is caused by unsanitary mouth. It is often seen in those who do not brush their teeth frequently, or the brushing method is not correct, the teeth are not arranged in an orderly manner, or the teeth are discarded because they are afraid to chew due to dental diseases.

The calculus may not be yellow, but may also be black.

Oral diseases easily caused by calculus

The local stimulation of calculus can make the gums red, swollen, bleeding and inflamed.

Because of the toxin produced by the stimulation of subgingival calculus and the attachment, the ulcer can occur on the inner side of gingiva, which is not easy to heal, resulting in the aggravation of gingival bleeding, halitosis and periodontal infection. Calculus is an important factor in the occurrence and development of periodontitis.

The only way to remove calculus: tooth washing

Dental stone accumulation to go to the hospital clean stone, generally every six months to a year to remove the dental stone is appropriate. The attachment of dental calculus to teeth will affect the appearance and the effect of inlay. With dental calculus, the denture will not close to the tooth surface, which will easily lead to the accumulation of food debris on the denture and cause inflammation of the mouth.

So people with more stones need to clean their teeth before inlaying.