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When is the best time to eat wolfberry

When is the best time to eat wolfberry some time ago, Feng Tang made fun of the article about the middle-aged greasy man. The middle-aged man prefers to eat wolfberry for health preservation. He thinks that wolfberry is a tonic, but eating wolfberry is also time-consuming and appropriate. Do you know when to eat wolfberry in a day? How much? Let's have a look!

When is the best time to eat Chinese wolfberry

When it comes to wolfberry, we should all know about it, and its effect should be basically understood. But many people don't have any special feeling when they eat wolfberry or drink wolfberry tea, but some benefits can still be felt, depending on whether you care.

1. For example, the feeling of returning to old age is the special spirit of people every day, and the sense of fatigue is reduced;

2. The sense of eyesight is that the eyes are not tired after a long time on the computer;

3. The characteristic of good liver is that the quantity of alcohol is good, the liver function is restored, and many liver diseases will be alleviated;

It is very obvious to invigorate Qi and blood. The patients who have early bo have obvious improvement after eating Lycium barbarum for three months, and can basically return to normal.

When the general people's body starts to heat up, the following is that people's hands and feet start to heat up slowly. Eating wolfberry is very helpful for those who often have cold hands and feet, and it can effectively alleviate the symptoms of cold hands and feet;

The real power of Lycium barbarum lies in tonifying the kidney. After three months of eating Lycium barbarum, the renal function will be greatly improved, especially for men who must eat it. The renal burden of men is too heavy. The simplest example is that the people who get gout are mainly men.

Why to say to eat 2 wolfberry everyday can alleviate the symptom of gout?

In fact, the fundamental reason is that if you want to better treat gout, you should first do a good job of Tonifying the kidney and protecting the liver. Eating wolfberry can nourish the kidney and protect the liver, so it's very good to eat two wolfberries;

Taking medicine to treat gout at the same time, it also hurt the liver and kidney invisibly, so there has not been a good medicine to cure gout before, which is the reason. A large number of Chinese wolfberry prescriptions to treat gout have changed the thinking of gout treatment, but also brought great conceptual changes to the health care of traditional Chinese medicine;

This is that people used to eat too little wolfberry, and many of its effects can't be reflected. If we eat less wolfberry, it's just a kind of health care, and only eat more can we feel the effect of wolfberry.

Why eat more?

This is that the height, weight and constitution of modern people are different from before, so it is necessary to add a lot of them. The most obvious feeling after eating is that diseases caused by kidney, liver and heart will be greatly improved before, especially for patients after operation.

Gout is the most obvious disease of renal function decline. Most of the young people who suffer from gout are obese. Most of the patients who suffer from gout in the past years suffer from renal function decline. Eating Lycium barbarum can make gout patients recover, which can be said to be a miracle. It can be seen how important Lycium barbarum is to the kidney and liver.

Kidney is the foundation, kidney and liver are good, people's disease will be greatly reduced. If it is a partial prescription to eat two wolfberry every day to treat gout, then normal people will eat wolfberry every day to be the secret recipe for longevity.

How to eat Chinese wolfberry

1. Gout patients eat two medlar every day, 50-80 pills each time, once in the morning and once in the evening, preferably before going to bed at night;

2. The normal people take 50-80 capsules once a day before going to bed;

3. The amount of food should be based on the principle of not getting angry. Most people eat at the age of less.

4. It's OK to eat with blister or dry chew. Don't cook it.

5. When people are over 40, they should start eating Lycium barbarum. As long as they can guarantee to eat some Lycium barbarum every day, the disease of human beings will be greatly reduced, which is the secret of why eating Lycium barbarum can live a long life.

This paper suggests that the formula and method are all from traditional Chinese medicine, but the effect varies from person to person. In order to ensure your health, if you don't understand, please consult with a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine before using the formula, and use it under the guidance of a doctor. I wish you good health.