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When will the 2018 World Cup draw be held? Where is the viewing address

When will the 2018 World Cup draw be held? Where is the viewing address the once-in-four-year world cup is coming again. We are looking forward to the exciting football world. We will see what surprises and touches the 2018 World Cup will bring us. The first draw ceremony will be held on December 1. If you want to watch the ceremony video, please follow the link below.

The 2018 World Cup draw will be officially held at 23:00 on December 1, Beijing time. FIFA has also prepared a number of World Cup series activities before the draw ceremony. Including the world cup poster release, the Hercules Cup debut, the fans' Ambassador release, the eight legends debut, the best player trophy release and other links. Among them, eight legendary stars, such as Maradona and Cannavaro, will make their debut on the 30th. The World Cup draw dinner is only one hour, the World Cup draw refused to delay, suspense in one hour all revealed.

I. on November 28, Moscow metro station released the official poster of the world cup

The draw series of 2018 Russia world cup was fully launched on the 28th. The first venue is the Moscow subway station. Russia has the most beautiful subway recognized by the world. In the subway station, FIFA released the official posters of the world cup in Russia, and released the Russian World Cup subway. The interior of the subway shows the history of the world cup.

In FIFA's official poster for the world cup, former Soviet legend goalkeeper Lev Yassin became the main character. Yassin has participated in the World Cup four times (1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970), and is the only goalkeeper who has won the golden ball award so far.

The poster was designed by Igor gulovic, a famous Russian artist. In the poster, Yassin, wearing traditional Black Jerseys and shorts, knee pads and the famous hat, is fighting. The ball is composed of two parts, one half of which is the pattern of football at that time, the other half is the shape of the earth from space. FIFA said in the introduction that this reflects Russia's achievements in space exploration. There are also green circles in the posters, representing 12 competition courts in 11 host cities.

November 29

Hercules cup bright phase Kremlin

Time: 12:00-13:00

Location: Kremlin

Since September this year, the Hercules cup has toured 16 cities in Russia. After the draw of the world cup, the Hercules cup will be toured in more than 50 countries around the world. Before the draw, the Hercules cup will return to the Kremlin and officially appear.

Rehearsal for the draw ceremony of the world cup

Time: 14:00

Location: Kremlin

The World Cup draw ceremony is not only a draw highlight, but also a show performance and host. Two days before the draw, FIFA arranged a rehearsal at the Kremlin. The rehearsal will consist of a host, a draw guest and a performance. The host will introduce the specific process of drawing lots for you.

World Cup fan Ambassador

Time: 16:30

Location: Kremlin

The event, named FIFA Fan Fest by FIFA, began in 2006 with the world cup in Germany. FIFA directly organizes fans to watch the world cup in the host city. Thousands of fans from all over the world will watch in front of the big screen designated by FIFA to experience and create the world cup atmosphere. FIFA will announce two promotional ambassadors for the event, who will be football legends.

November 30

8 legends! Draw guests present

Time: 17:30

Location: Kremlin

The 2018 Russia world cup announced eight guests to participate in the draw ceremony earlier, which was hailed as the dream team by FIFA. They are Maradona in Argentina, Cannavaro in Italy, Puyol in Spain, Blanco in France, Cafu in Brazil, Fran in Uruguay, banks in England and simoyen in Russia. They will appear in the drawing hall and take a group photo for the first time.

Best player trophy

Time: 18:30

Location: Kremlin

The best player will be selected in every match of 2018 World Cup, and the selection will be decided by the vote of world fans Man of the match's new trophy will shine on the Kremlin. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar will be strong contenders for the trophy. A football legend will be at the unveiling of the player of the year trophy.

4. December 1

Red carpet ceremony time: 16:00

Time of drawing ceremony: 18:00

At the end of the drawing ceremony, interview time in the mixed zone: 19:00

On the day of the draw, the Kremlin will hold a red carpet ceremony. The top 32 delegates and legendary stars who attend the ceremony will appear in the red carpet. After the 2-hour red carpet ceremony, the main course of the draw ceremony will be entered. The draw ceremony is 1 hour in total, and the time is very compact. It includes the introduction of the drawing process, the appearance of Hercules cup, program performance, drawing and other processes. In just one hour, the draw ceremony is officially over and the top 32 representatives will be interviewed.

2018 World Cup draw address: