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How to save oneself in high-rise building fire

How to save oneself in high-rise building fire fire safety is a concern of the whole people, especially now there are high-rise buildings in the city. All of these are on guard. If there is a fire in a high-rise building, how to save yourself and how to escape from it? Let's see how to deal with these emergencies.

Data shows that since 2010, there have been frequent urban safety accidents in the mainland, such as: on June 13, 2010, 2 deaths and 3 injuries were caused by liquefied gas explosion in Dongsheng Hotel, Huozhou City, Shanxi Province; on April 11, 2011, 1 death and 1 injury were caused by explosion in Dongcheng residential building, Beijing; on November 14, 2011, 7 deaths and 31 injuries were caused by leakage of liquefied gas tank in snack bar on the first floor of Jiatian international apartment, Xi'an; July 2012 Room 1307, building 1, Chunxiao Xinyuan community, Ziqiang West Road, Xi'an City, exploded in the early morning of April 29, causing 1 death and 4 injuries.

At about 16:00 on May 2, 2013, room 02, floor 21, unit 3, Mingliu crystal palace building, located in the east section of the North Second Ring Road, Xi'an City, experienced a sudden natural gas explosion. After the incident, the public security and fire fighting personnel rushed to the scene to control the fire situation in time, and carried out rescue and evacuation for the people in the building. Most of the residents were panic stricken when the fire happened. It can be seen that they mastered the necessary fire fighting knowledge, and may be able to escort their own and other people's lives at the critical moment. Therefore, the fire fighting provides you with several correct escape and self rescue methods for learning. In case of gas leakage, do not use any telephone indoors, such as accumulating a large amount of natural gas in a confined space. Once there is a spark, it may cause fire or even explosion.

When you smell natural gas or suspect natural gas leakage, keep calm and take the following measures immediately:

1. Open all windows to let the natural gas out.

2. Close the gas valve in front of the stove. In case of gas leakage, please remember the following tips: do not touch any electrical appliances (including opening or closing) to avoid sparks; do not touch the switch of gas appliance to avoid sparks; do not use open fire, such as matches or lighters; do not use any telephone, including mobile phones or indoor wireless phones, to avoid sparks; do not press the doorbell of the neighbor to avoid sparks.

Three precautions for high-rise escape:

1. The fire is not on your own floor. Where can I escape?

If the ignition point is located on the upper layer of its location, it should escape downstairs until it reaches the safe place; if the ignition point is located on the lower layer of its location, and the fire and smoke have blocked the downward escape channel, it should escape upstairs as soon as possible, and the roof platform is a safer place, such as the roof has a water tank, you can wet your clothes with water to resist the fire Wenxun roasts; if in the process of escaping to the roof platform, you find that you are overtaken by fire and smoke and the upward road is blocked, you should resolutely change the horizontal escape route, escape from the corridor of another floor, or retreat to the room of the floor that is conducive to escape, and seek other self rescue methods.

2. What should I do if the safety passage is cut off?

At this time, the only choice is to retreat to a relatively safe toilet for a short period of refuge. After the trapped person enters the toilet, the doors and windows shall be closed tightly, the gap shall be closed tightly, and all faucets shall be unscrewed to drain water. Especially in the bathtub, the water level is always high. On the one hand, it is convenient to take water and pour it on the doors and windows to cool down. On the other hand, when the fire develops to the toilet, people can also lie in the bathtub for a while to avoid.

3. What should be paid attention to in high-rise escape?

A. after a fire occurs in the elevator, the elevator will be 'jammed' due to the power failure, so that if the escapee enters the elevator, he will be trapped in the elevator, but in a more dangerous situation; in addition, the elevator entrance is directly connected to each floor of the building, and the smoke from the fire field will rush into the elevator and easily form a 'chimney effect', and people will be choked by the smoke and toxic gas at any time in the elevator.

B. do not drill under the bed, wardrobe or attic. Do not drill under the bed, in the wardrobe or attic to avoid fire, and it is not easy to be detected by fire fighters.

C. do not jump blindly when you cannot get timely rescue and live in a high-rise building. You can tear the bed sheets, quilt covers, curtains and other fabrics in the room into cloth strips that can bear the weight and connect them into ropes. You can also use doors and windows, balconies, drainage pipes and other escape and help yourself.