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What's wrong with being bitten into a vegetable by mosquitoes? What's so bad about insects?

in the picture, the boy's name is Tutu. He is eight years old. His hometown is in Heze county. He should have been in primary school. At present, Tutu can only lie on the bed, unable to move or speak. It turned out that the child was bitten by insects and turned out to be a vegetable. What happened?

How can a good child fall ill? Tutu's mother said that one day in July, Tutu yelled that he had a bad headache. The mother thought it was a fever and took him to the clinic for injection. Unexpectedly, on the third day, Tutu's limbs could not move.

Later, Tutu was taken to the local hospital by his parents for treatment, but the local hospital said that the situation of Tutu was very serious, so it was suggested that the parents of Tutu should transfer to Jinan for treatment.

Tutu's mother said that after coming to Jinan for treatment, Tutu's disease was confirmed, and her child actually suffered from b-meningitis.

Like a nightmare, Tutu has changed from a lively and cheerful boy to a "vegetable" who has no consciousness and can only collapse on the bed. So, how does Tutu get meningitis B? Tutu's mother told reporters that there are many mosquitoes in the countryside. It may be that Tutu got sick after being bitten by mosquitoes, but she couldn't tell how.

In Jinan, after 90 days of ICU treatment, Tutu is finally out of danger.

In order to cure Tutu, his sister, who was studying at school, gave up his studies and came to Jinan to help his mother take care of his younger brother. With the efforts of doctors and family members, Tutu is getting better and better day by day. However, the family has encountered new problems. In order to see Tutu, the family has spent more than 300000 yuan. Now they can no longer afford to pay.

A lively and cheerful boy turned into what he is now. The family fell into grief. However, Tutu's mother told them that they would not give up treatment as long as there was a glimmer of hope.

This morning, the reporter came to the ward to see Tutu again. This time, Tutu opened his eyes under his mother's shouting, but Tutu was crying because of pain.

Tutu's father rushed back from his hometown, but did not borrow much money to pay for Tutu's treatment. Fortunately, just after the news report, many caring citizens learned the information of Tutu and donated their love generously.

Tutu's mother told reporters: 'now we have received a total of more than 10000 donations, including more than 8000 bank card donations and more than 3000 wechat red packets. Thank you very much. '

During the interview, another enthusiastic citizen who watched TV came to the ward and left without saying anything after throwing down 500 yuan.

At about 10 a.m., while Tutu was conscious, the rehabilitation trainer took him to the training hall to carry out rehabilitation training for him. This process is conducive to the postoperative recovery of Tutu.

According to the doctor, according to the current recovery rate, Tutu will soon be able to stand up and go back to school.