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16 years' exposure of replacement from teaching official response: stop working and stop paying wage

16 years' exposure of replacement from teaching official response: stop working and stop paying wages

Original title: replacement from 16 years of exposure official response: stop working and stop paying wages

On the afternoon of November 29, voice of China reported that a teacher in Yongqiao District, Suzhou, Anhui Province, had been teaching for 16 years under the guise of another's ID card, photo and education background. Previously, the local media also carried out a detailed report on this matter.

In the evening of that day, the Propaganda Department of Yongqiao District Committee of Suzhou City sent a report to voice of China, saying: since Wang Yingying reported to Yongqiao District Bureau of education and sports that he had been replaced by someone else, the Bureau of education and sports of Yongqiao district set up an investigation team to verify. After investigation, it was found that Wang Yingying, a teacher of Shunhe Central School (formerly Miao Juan), had indeed taken the place of Wang Yingying to participate in the work. On November 14, the Bureau of education and sports of the district held the office meeting of the director general, which made a decision on the early handling of 'Wang Yingying' (formerly Miao Juan) to stop working and pay wages, and the removal of his name and other related matters were being carried out in accordance with the legal procedures. Other matters have lasted for 16 years, and two key agents of the parties have died. The evidence is not sufficient, and the evidence chain cannot be fixed temporarily. Based on the attitude of being responsible for the matter, further investigation and evidence collection are needed.

At present, a special investigation team led by the Deputy Secretary of the District Committee has been set up in Yongqiao district to speed up the in-depth investigation and will be dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations. The Information Office of the district government will timely release the results of investigation and handling.

It was previously reported that a teacher in Anhui Province was under investigation for 16 years

Suzhou, CCTV, Nov. 29 (reporter Guan Xin, intern reporter Xiang Wei, Zhang Qing) according to the voice of China's "news evening peak", in the modern society with developed information, the impostor has not disappeared. A few years ago, the media reported that someone had gone to college under a false name. Recently, it was exposed by the media that someone pretended to be a teacher. In Suzhou, Anhui Province, a real person named Miao Juan, pretended to be a teacher in a school with Wang Yingying's education background, photo and ID card number, which lasted for 16 years. How is the impostor discovered? What are the loopholes in personnel management behind the cover up?

Wang Yingying, a Suzhou resident, reported to the media that in May 2016, the company she worked for paid social security for her, but found that she couldn't pay it. She went to the Bureau of human resources and social security of Yongqiao district to inquire, 'I went to the Bureau of social security to inquire, he said you were paying, how can you say you can't pay in. Then he printed a dozen of my social security materials, which read Shunhe central school. I think it's strange that I didn't work here. Then the Social Security Bureau said that he didn't know what it was. He asked me to check it at school. '

According to the data of Yongqiao District human resources and Social Security Bureau, under the name of Wang Yingying's identity information, social security began to be paid as early as March 2001, and the working unit was Shunhe Township Central School. With questions, Wang Yingying came to Shunhe Township Central School in Yongqiao District, where there is also a 'Wang Yingying'. Wang Yingying, who reported the matter to the media, said: 'she said who are you, I said I am Wang Yingying. I can't pay in the social security of human resources and social security, but I checked that there is one Wang Yingying paying. She said yes, it's me. She said I'll deal with it. '

But next month, the reporter Wang Yingying found that her provident fund could not be paid in. The situation was the same as that of social security, and Wang Yingying from Shunhe central school paid in heavy. Although the other party said that she had changed her ID card number, which did not affect Wang Yingying's continued payment of social security and provident fund, Wang Yingying, the informer, still doubted: 'how can she use my identity information, which has not been detected by the school for more than ten years? I thought it was very strange, so I found her and asked. She was evasive and vague. After a while she fed back that it's done well and you can pay (Social Security). '

Originally, Wang Yingying graduated from university in 1997. At that time, her parents were teachers in Suzhou city. For the reasons of family difficulties, she used the opportunity of recruitment in the education system to ask her daughter to apply for the position of teacher. For this reason, Wang Yingying also went to Shanghai to study English. Later, I heard that the teacher job in her hometown was not found well, so she worked in Shanghai, Dongguan and other places. She returned to Suzhou in 2013 and paid social security for the first time in Suzhou in 2016, which led to the following things.

'I paid social security for nine years when I was in Dongguan, because there was no Internet connection at that time, I didn't find it at all. "Reporter Wang Yingying told the media that fake Wang Yingying had a new ID card, but she went to the public security department to find out more problems hidden behind her." she found that this ID card was a new one in 2008, and there was no father or mother for this ID card. She told me that she paid 3000 yuan for this ID card in 2008. She said & lsquo; I & rsquo; one person has two ID cards and two hukou. '

Wang Yingying, the informer, wondered whether the job of Shunhe Central School belonged to her besides their ID card number "crash". She went to Yongqiao District Education and Sports Bureau to check the files, and "the Education Committee showed me my photos and my files.". He said this is you, I said yes. This picture is not you, I said yes. This ID card is not you, he compared, compared with me. But it was someone else who went to work. '

In the process of asking the truth, the informer Wang Yingying has communicated with the impostor many times. Wang Yingying said that the other party had no regrets. In January 2017, she reported the incident to the real name of Yongqiao District Bureau of education and sports.

Yongqiao District Bureau of education and sports after investigation, get such a conclusion. The staff member said: 'the real name of the person she reported is Miao Juan. Since 2001, using Wang Yingying's original student status file, her relevant certificates, and her photos, she has applied for teacher qualification certificate and professional title certificate. In March 2001, she worked in Shunhe Township horse farm junior high school under the name of Wang Yingying. '

Wang Yingying, a reporter, also found that as early as 1999, she was employed by the local education commission, while the fake Wang Yingying went to work in 2001. In the past two years, why hasn't she received any notice from the education commission? What's the process of recruiting Township teachers more than ten years ago, and what's the process of the local education system? How did Miao Juan enter the teaching team in a false identity, holding real materials, and teaching for so many years?

When local media reporters came to Shunhe central school, Miao Juan was having a chemistry class.

Reporter: does she teach chemistry?

Woman: Yes.

Reporter: in which class?

Woman: what do you do?

Reporter: we have one thing to do with him.

Woman: class 94.

In order not to affect teaching, the reporter went to the school principal to ask about it. The headmaster told the media that the teachers were all sent by their superiors. It's not clear whether the school is going to replace them in a false name.

Reporter: I heard that she is an old teacher?

Man: a teacher is from the city. We are not together. She came here with a certificate. We don't know anyone.

Reporter: the teacher sent it, didn't he?

Man: Yes.

Reporter: is the ID card consistent? Are they all called Wang Yingying?

Man: it's the same as the ID card.

In which link did the impostor drill a hole? The relevant personnel of Yongqiao District Bureau of education and sports said: 'there are some problems, we may need to make additional investigation. In some key processes, the time span is long, and in other cases, we need to pay attention to evidence. '

According to Xiong Bingqi, an educationalist and vice president of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, this matter involves identity fraud, but the relevant departments have green lights all the way. Obviously, it is not enough only for the education department to carry out investigation. "How can this person who uses identity card falsely do this identity card. Does the relevant department, such as the police station, cheat in handling the ID card with her? Secondly, does the relevant unit not verify the identity card when she uses the fake ID card to replace other people's work? "

Li Ya, a lawyer from Beijing Zhongwen law firm, believes that the case has been suspected of a criminal offence. "First of all, from a civil perspective, she (Miao Juan) violates Wang Yingying's right to name and portrait, which may constitute a fraudulent act for the employer. From the criminal point of view, the suspected impostor engaged in forgery of identity card or other documents depends on whether the circumstances are suspected of forgery of state documents, or forgery of identity card. '

Miao Juan, the counterfeiter, was reluctant to face the media when local reporters investigated the incident. Later, Yongqiao District Bureau of education and sports said it had held a meeting to study and decide to dismiss Miao Juan, the impostor. However, local media later found that Miao Juan was still in class.

This afternoon, the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Yongqiao District Committee of Suzhou City told reporters that the local government attaches great importance to this matter and is in-depth verification and understanding. Relevant comrades from the Publicity Department of Suzhou municipal Party committee also said that they are urging Yongqiao district to conduct in-depth investigation and will timely feed back the latest news to netizens. We will continue to focus on who is ultimately responsible for this impostor.