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How powerful is pocket slingshot among students

How powerful is pocket slingshot among students some time ago, everyone was swiped by toothpick crossbow. Recently, a kind of toy that threatens the safety of teenagers has appeared. A kind of toy named pocket slingshot quietly caught fire on the online shopping platform. The most worrying thing is that this kind of toy has certain lethality. Once there is an accident, the consequences are unimaginable. Let's learn about it together!

Pocket catapult

Increasingly popular among students

Beiqing news reporter learned that a kind of toy called pocket slingshot began to be popular among students. This kind of toy consists of a rubber 'bag' similar to a balloon and a plastic ring, but it is not an ordinary toy. If you pull the rubber part, you can eject bullets or bows and arrows.

Wang Jia (pseudonym), a sophomore in senior high school, told Beiqing news: 'primary school students don't have that much power to pull slingshot, and middle school students don't know much about it, but now there is a growing trend of people playing. "Wang Jia said that they usually beat birds with pocket slingshots, and sometimes they would scare their classmates with pranks," but they dare not really pull all over the body. Small marbles still hurt a lot. '

Xiao Wang, a junior high school student, told me that the elasticity of pocket Slingshot is bigger than traditional slingshot, and it shoots farther. Many boys like to play with it. In addition to some students' slingshots purchased by themselves on the Internet, there are also some students' slingshots bought by their parents. 'when they buy them, they can't tell the truth to their parents, so most parents think they are similar to ordinary slingshots. '

The reporter also learned that pocket Slingshot is not only popular among students, but also among slingshot lovers. Among some slingshot enthusiasts, one said that he likes to play with all kinds of slingshots at ordinary times, including pocket slingshots. He said pocket slingshots have certain lethality, and it's no problem to use bows and arrows to pierce cans within a few meters.

Most of them are imitations of foreign similar products

Easy to break through can

The reporter learned that this kind of pocket slingshot, which is popular between students and slingshot enthusiasts, was first developed by a company in the United States and first popular in the United States. In the company's product promotion film, the initial speed of steel balls ejected by foreign products of this type is as high as 106 meters per second, which can easily break through the unopened cans of coke, pottery or thick glass.

After the pocket slingshot was introduced into China, it was sought after by slingshot lovers. However, the price of a set of imported pocket Slingshot is often up to 5600 yuan, and the domestic version with low price gradually appeared in the market. In an online shopping platform, through the search of "pocket slingshot", it is found that there are dozens of businesses selling such slingshot, with prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan.

Reporters in an online shop selling imported pocket slingshot saw that the product title of pocket slingshot appeared the word "accurate outdoor hunting". The owner said that the pocket slingshot sold by himself was imported from the United States, and various accessories can be added for hunting. The reporter of Beiqing daily noted that many upgraded accessories of pocket slingshot are still sold in the store, including accessories for shooting fish, fishing arrows, fishing boats, etc. According to the seller, this kind of pocket slingshot has the power of a 30 pound bow. It can be used to shoot fish or even hunt at night with upgraded accessories.

A seller selling a domestic version of pocket slingshot said that the playing method of pocket Slingshot is archery or playing with marbles. It can be used outdoors without going to a special venue. However, many fans' expectation of pocket Slingshot is not limited to outdoor sports and competition. In many product reviews of pocket slingshot, there are also frequent buyer reviews of "bird hunting". Some buyers leave a message that "the goods have been received, and we will try to hit birds on the mountain tomorrow".

Parents buy toys for their children

There are 800 online stores selling monthly

A seller of pocket slingshots said that the sales volume of pocket slingshots has been very good. Many parents will buy them for their children. The reporter of Beiqing daily saw that the monthly sales volume of pocket slingshots in this store has exceeded 800. A parent surnamed Li said in the comment area that the slingshot was bought for his son and he was going to buy another one for his nephew. But there are many buyers said that the power of Slingshot is not small, and more buyers have exposed photos of injuries in the palm of their hands using slingshot. The reporter of Beiqing daily noted that in the introduction of pocket slingshot sold on the Internet, they did not remind minors of the need to pay attention to their use and purchase.

In order to verify what netizens said, the reporter randomly chose to buy a homemade pocket slingshot. After receiving the slingshot, the reporter found that there are not only basic accessories of pocket slingshot, but also a bag of steel balls, three arrows with arrows and a slingshot bracket that can be put on the hand. The reporter of Beiqing daily also carried out an experiment in an archery Museum, and found that although the use of marbles at a distance of 10 meters can not drive the marbles into the target, it can leave a trace with a diameter of about 1.5 cm and a depth of about 0.5 cm on the target, and the rebound distance of the marbles is more than 20 meters.

Using the bow and arrow attached to the slingshot, it was found that the arrow could sink into the target about 3cm deep at a distance of 10m. At a distance of 3 meters, you can shoot through the can.

Mr. Liu, a Archer, told Beiqing news that the slingshot has certain power. When using the marbles, the rebound of the marbles is easy to cause damage to people or objects. As for the arrow attached to the slingshot, Mr. Liu said that this kind of arrow is actually a carbon arrow commonly used for archery. In his experience, the pulling force of this slingshot should be less than 16 pounds, but it is still dangerous to install the arrow on the slingshot. "Generally, when using the bow for archery, the arrow is directional, but the pocket slingshot, because the pocket is soft and has no fixed point, is pulled by people It's hard to control the direction of the arrow. It's easy to hurt others. '

Use pocket slingshot

Cause damage will be prosecuted

As for whether this kind of pocket Slingshot is contraband or not, and whether it can be sold, lawyers said that although this kind of pocket slingshot does not belong to contraband, it is dangerous to some extent, and as an e-commerce platform, it should fulfill its regulatory obligations.

According to Article 18 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, business operators shall ensure that the commodities or services they provide meet the requirements for the protection of personal and property safety. Where a commodity or a service may jeopardise safety of person or property of the consumer, it shall make a true statement and clear warning explaining and indicating correct methods for the use of such a commodity or receipt of such a service and preventative measures against such an occurrence. The slingshot of this kind of toy has certain killing power. If it is used carelessly, it will cause damage to others. Therefore, the businessmen have the obligation to remind the safety matters.

According to Article 26 of the general principles of the civil law, parents have the obligation to support, educate and protect their minor children. The toy slingshot has a certain degree of danger. Parents should teach and control children's behavior of using slingshot to prevent children from injuring themselves or others.

At the same time, the reporter learned from the subway that although pocket slingshot does not belong to the scope of subway contraband, if carrying the arrow attached to the slingshot, it may cause harm to others, and security inspectors will stop it. A community police officer said that although this kind of pocket slingshot does not belong to the prohibited items within the scope of public security management, once the use of this kind of slingshot causes harm to others, the public security organ will investigate the corresponding responsibility of the user.