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What is the fastest way to get back to milk after weaning? How many days does weaning take?

For babies, their daily eating style is to rely on their mothers' breastfeeding. But as their babies grow up, breast milk can no longer meet their daily needs, so many mothers will wean their babies to drink milk powder or eat to supplement nutrition. So how to wean after weaning? Which food is better?

How to return milk after weaning

1. Mothers should gradually reduce the number of times of feeding, from 3 times a day to 2 times and 1 time a day. Excess milk should not be accumulated in the breast, but should be squeezed out until the breast is soft without the feeling of swelling and pain.

2. In terms of diet, the mother's diet should be light and not greasy. She should drink less water and less soup, especially chicken soup, fish soup and other hair milk foods. She can eat leek and hawthorn properly.

3. After weaning, wear a suitable or slightly tight bra, which can not only inhibit the secretion of milk, but also reduce the swelling pain of the breast.

4. For drug treatment, you can drink it with fried malt and fried water (50g, 3 times a day), apply Glauber's salt (wrap it with a small cloth bag and apply it on the breast to avoid nipple and areola), or take vitamin B6, diethylstilbestrol, bromocriptine and other drugs, but you must follow the doctor's instructions.

5. If breast lump, local skin reddening, fever and other symptoms occur during weaning, the patient should be treated in time.

6. After weaning successfully, it is suggested that mothers should take proper physical exercise and do more chest expansion exercise, which can make breasts recover elasticity quickly.

How many days does it take to return milk after weaning

Generally, the time of returning milk is between 7 days and half a month. It is suggested that mom should pay attention to observation and prevent mastitis. If the mother's breast continues to swell and ache, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time, and carry out treatment under the guidance of the doctor after the definite diagnosis. Pay attention to rest, local hot compress or apply with Glauber's salt bag, have the effect of detumescence and pain relief.

What is the fastest way to wean

Drink more barley tea, it has the effect of milk return. The following food is also very useful for milk return. Mothers who want milk back can eat more.

Return milk food: maltose, hawthorn, leek, pepper, bulk, monosodium glutamate, beans, ginseng, mushroom, eggplant, grapefruit, lotus root, fungus, chocolate, bamboo shoot, oatmeal, ham, stir fried malt, wheatcream (general raw MALT).

What medicine should I take after weaning

It is recommended to take vitamin B6 tablets orally for weaning. 200 mg three times a day. Generally, it can work in 3-5 days. Or with Chinese medicine raw malt bubble water to drink, do not use ripe, ripe malt instead of prolactin. To wean and take medicine, it should be noted that although mothers with more milk secretion can choose to take medicine or injection to achieve the effect of milk return, if it's not to the point where they have to take medicine or injection, it's better not to take injection and take medicine. Because the drug may damage the breast, let the breast atrophy, affect the milk when the baby is born.