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What are the taboos of sticking warm baby? Who can't stick warm baby?

What are the taboos of sticking warm baby? Who can't stick warm baby winter is coming soon. It's getting colder day by day. Warm baby is becoming popular in the market. It's convenient and fast to paste where it's cold. So what's the harm of sticking warm baby often? Who is not suitable for sticking warm baby? Let's have a look!

First of all, understand the heating principle of warm baby patch:

Warm baby (warm baby paste) adopts the principle of "oxidation and heat release" of iron, uses microporous oxygen permeation technology and completely isolates the air, so that the product has the advantages of balanced heat dissipation, long-lasting heat, and can be heated by directly tearing the outer package, and can maintain the temperature of about 51-60 ℃ for more than 12 hours.

Look at the applicable population:

1. In addition to their own use can also send parents, children, sisters, brothers, colleagues & hellip; & hellip; all ages!

2. In the cold winter, GG can give to the beloved mm, so that MM's winter will not be cold, Christmas, new year's day and other festivals shopping time put a piece in the pocket, from the palm warm to the heart, without you holding a hand is also warm as spring, mm will certainly be moved by your meticulous care!

3. Some children can also use it when they go to school. They can stick it on their knees or put it in their pockets. They will never be unable to concentrate on class because of the cold in class!

4. In winter, the elderly are most afraid of cold. Filial, you buy some for the elderly. The elderly must like it and think it's considerate and practical. They will never feel cold and pain when they stick it on their waist or knees. In fact, it's a regular product for the elderly in all seasons! Beauty shop blog

5. People who often ride bicycles, motorcycles and transport vehicles should use it more. In winter, the cold wind sticks on their knees, which not only keeps warm but also effectively prevents rheumatism or relieves pain!

6. Women with dysmenorrhea and lumbago can use it to relieve or eliminate pain.

11. It is used for pain, numbness and swelling caused by rheumatism, arthritis and strain.

12. For abdominal pain caused by cold.

13. Manage blood and remove blood stasis in the recovery period of trauma.

14. Keep warm during skiing, fishing, hunting, outing and field work.

15. Keep warm when the room is cold.

16. Hot compress for massage, etc.

17. Open the outer bag for about 20 minutes, apply heat rapidly, reduce swelling, relieve pain, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, which is widely used in all kinds of chills 18. It can quickly relieve and eliminate the pain caused by various chills. It is a ready to use product for patients with arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbago and leg pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid, cold limbs, and cold pain in the affected area.

19. It can dispel cold and keep warm, promote microcirculation of human body, and has a good function of detumescence and pain relief.

20. It can promote the smooth of meridians and collaterals, heat the relevant acupoints, eliminate the symptoms of stomach cold, dysfunctional meridians and blood stasis, and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

21. Instead of heavy cotton clothes in winter, it can provide temperature protection for human body. In order to promote the human microcirculation into a benign circulation state, restore normal physiological function, so as to eliminate pain and treat diseases.

22. It can be applied together with traditional Chinese medicine. Heat to medicine, quickly play the role of treatment, the effect is significant. The time of drug penetration and heat action is synchronous, and the drug can take advantage of heat and heat to help the drug, which has dual functions of drug therapy and heat therapy.

Not applicable to:

1. Pregnant women: if the pasted part is facing the uterus, it is likely to cause uterine contraction, resulting in fetal malformation and premature delivery.

2. Baby: the baby's skin is very tender, with less activity, to prevent low temperature scald

3. For diabetics and those with blood circulation disorders, and those with low skin thermal sensitivity, attention should be paid when using.

4. Paste it on the outside of underwear, not directly on human skin (except for muscle paste).

5. It should not be used at night to prevent low temperature scald.

6. Avoid damage or damage to the vacuum plastic packaging bag, or the product will fail.

7. In case of contact with eyes, wash with water and seek medical treatment immediately, and induce vomiting and seek medical treatment immediately after ingestion.

8. Warm baby is originally medical. As long as it is true, there should be no side effects

Don't buy a few dimes of fake money. It's said that industrial iron powder is used.

9. Low quality products cannot be used.