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How to marinate Korean radish strips

How to marinate Korean radish strips the pickled radish strips in Korean dramas have a very high incidence in the drama about eating. No matter the tall and handsome man or the beautiful and gentle woman, they all like to eat radish strips. In the eyes of people watching Korean dramas, they are delicious. They really want to eat. How to make delicious radish strips? The next 8 steps will teach you in minutes!

2100g white radish, 4 tablespoons salt, Korean pickle sauce

1. Wash and peel the radish, cut into sections first and then into strips

2. Put it into a clean basin and add 4 tablespoons of salt

3. Mix evenly

4. Marinate for 1 day, a lot of salt water has overflowed in the basin

5. Squeeze out the salt water and drain it into the basin

6. Add some Korean pickle sauce

7. Stir evenly with spoon

8. Put it into a container without water or oil, put it into the refrigerator with the peritoneum covered, and then eat it in a week!