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What's the domestic price of Huawei mate 20? Latest news of Huawei mate 20 appearance configuration

What's the domestic price of Huawei mate 20? The latest news of Huawei mate 20 appearance configuration has attracted people's warm attention. Now a website on the Internet has obtained exclusive information, saying that through the analysis of Huawei mate 20 firmware, it has obtained the configuration parameters of some mate 20 mobile phones, including screen, storage, battery capacity and processor.

XDA said in an article today that it has exclusively obtained the firmware of Huawei mate 20 series, including Huawei mate 20, mate 20 pro and mate 20 Lite. In other words, Huawei mate 20 series has three mobile phones.

According to the exposure, Huawei mate 20 mobile phone is equipped with Kirin 980 processor, 6.3-inch AMOLED screen, 6GB ram, 128GB ROM, 4200mah battery and wireless fast charging.

XDA also indicates that the firmware of mate 20 pro and Lite is not complete, so we can't get the message of these two phones. However, XDA judges that Huawei mate 20 Pro will be equipped with screen fingerprint. And XDA can't interpret the parameters of Kirin 980 processor through firmware.

Huawei said it will announce the latest Kirin 980 processor at IFA conference in Berlin, and the mate 20 family of Huawei is expected to be officially released around October.

In terms of price, according to current news, Huawei mate 20 has appeared on overseas platforms, with a starting price of $999, about 6880 yuan. If the price of Huawei P20 series mobile phones is compared with that of Huawei P20 series mobile phones in China, the starting price of Huawei mate20 in China will be 5000 yuan, and it is equipped with 6GB + 64GB Standard Version. Many netizens have said after seeing the price that they give a reason not to choose Vivonex. In fact, many netizens want to say goodbye to Huawei mate 20, not because of the price. The main reason is that the appearance design of Huawei mate 20 disappoints users.