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What's the difference between an apple and an apple

What's the difference between an apple and an apple huaniu apple is believed to be strange to many friends. Huaniu apple is a famous apple brand, which is produced in Tianshui, Gansu Province. It is famous for its delicious meat, delicate and crispy, sweet and juicy. It is also called three famous apple brands together with snakefruit and Fuji in Japan. What are the differences between huaniu apple and ordinary apple? How to choose huaniu apple Get up and have a look!

The effect and function of the flower cow apple

1. Reduce the response of women during pregnancy

There are a lot of sugar and vitamins in the flower cow apple, and there are also some acid substances in the same amount. After eating, women can not only absorb a variety of nutrients, but also reduce the occurrence of pregnancy reaction, especially for the early stage of pregnancy, which has a significant relieving effect on the occurrence of pregnancy vomiting.

2. Stabilize blood sugar

There are a lot of dietary fiber in the flower cow apple. The dietary fiber in a flower cow apple can meet one fifth of the dietary fiber needs of the human body in a day. As long as you chew the flower cow Apple carefully and swallow it slowly, you can increase your satiety and avoid excessive dietary use. In addition, the sweetener in the flower cow Apple also enters the blood, which can keep the stability of blood sugar and improve the pancreas The working level of islandin is good for stabilizing blood sugar.

3. Treatment of depression

There are many kinds of microelements and vitamins that can be directly absorbed by the nervous system. After people eat it, they can regulate their nerves, relax their mood and reduce the occurrence of depression symptoms. As early as many years ago, experts have confirmed that the aroma of longicorn Apple has a significant psychological impact on human beings, can alleviate human depression, and has a good treatment and relief effect on human depression symptoms.

4. Make breathing smoother

A recent study in the UK has found that eating more cattle and apples during pregnancy will lead to healthier children and a lower risk of pertussis or asthma. It can also reduce the risk of lung disease, asthma, lung cancer and other diseases.

5. Enhance memory

A new study in the United States has found that eating cattle and apples can promote the production of acetylcholine, which helps nerve cells transmit information to each other. Therefore, it can help the elderly to enhance their thinking, promote memory and reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

How to choose the flower, ox and apple

1. The fruit is moderate and the shape is right. Fruit in 200-250g, uniform, not the bigger the better. The shape of the fruit is upright, the top of the fruit has five prominent edges, and the shape index is 0.9-1.0

2. The fruit surface is beautiful and the color is thick red. The color area of fruit surface is 100%, that is, all red to thick red. The fruit surface is smooth, clean and bright, with thick waxy layer, without damage, rust, disease and insect spots, stain, etc.

3. The flesh is crisp, tender, sweet and juicy. The flesh is light yellow, the content of soluble solids is 12-14%, the aroma is strong, the flesh is fine, and the quality is crisp. The fruit hardness is more than 6.5kg/cm2, and the taste is good.

4. Nutrition and health care, health and safety. Fruit is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The content of pesticide residues and other harmful substances meet the standard of green food apple.