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Which stars can buy down jackets for how much money

Which stars can buy down jackets for how much money around November every year, the Central Academy of drama will launch a unique down jacket for Chinese opera, which is available for teachers and students to choose voluntarily. Last year, Liu Haoran was once reported by the media for wearing "Chinese opera school uniform" in street shooting for many times, which attracted wide attention. This year, the sale of this down jacket is extremely popular, and students in school are still waiting in line for hours to find one piece. Some students took the opportunity to make a high price purchase, with the price increases ranging from several hundred to one thousand yuan and sold them to off campus staff. In response, the Central Academy of drama said that a new batch of down jackets are being made in factories, and those who sell them at high prices violate the regulations of the Academy. Once found, they will be seriously investigated and punished.

In fact, Zhongxi down jacket is the school uniform of the Central Academy of drama, with a cost of only more than 200 yuan. However, since many stars wear their own star halo after shooting, they quarrel. It's hard to find one. It's really a lot of invisible advertisements, with a cost of only more than 200 yuan. But Xiaobian thinks that this dress may be fired to tens of thousands.

What's the cost price of the down jacket?

In the whole event, I don't think it's necessary to buckle my hat to say that these students are scalpers. It is the behavior that a small number of students queue up to buy one and then sell it again. But the school's attitude is different.

Let's evaluate this high-energy down jacket first. From the picture, the style of this down jacket is not really amazing, but it is reasonable in practicability and design. From some photos, the zipper design is made on both sides of the legs of this down jacket, which does not hinder moderate movement. The high collar circumference, the built-in zipper and the knee length zipper should be good for keeping warm. If the amount of plush can be more than 400g, the price of more than 600 can be said to be the king of absolute value and cost performance, which is the best weapon to resist the cold winter in Beijing. The most important thing is that the same style of stars, at least through their own love beans, has a great significance.

How much is down jacket for Chinese opera?

I think this part of students is a minority after all, and the cost performance of this product has been preliminarily analyzed. For a student who is still studying in school, the clothes can resist the cold in winter in the north more than enough, and can also have a great 'allure' for a student who is still in school. '

From the perspective of market economy, economic development is created by the circulation of money and products, and there will be no possibility of economic development if either party does not circulate. After all, the school also informs the purchase process and vouchers, and there is no "reselling" in itself. Since students spend time in line, and at the same time provide certificates as required, they must also spend money. Product ownership has been transferred, and how to deal with students after the transfer is a personal matter. This is the basic knowledge that students can sell. That is to say that the introduction is passed by a star. It's also a kind of market behavior to ask for 10000 yuan. As long as someone thinks that this product is scarce, they are willing to buy it. Take an inappropriate example: I bought a bottle of mineral water and didn't drink it myself. When I went out, I asked for 50 bottles for sale. This is certainly not against the law. You may look at me and say, 'I'm sick. 'how much I'm happy to buy is my business, whether you buy it is your business. First of all, the students bought clothes, and the ownership right has been transferred to the students. What rights does the school have to prevent students from handling their own things?

Secondly, there are no laws and regulations, which stipulate that second-hand products must be sold at a reduced price, not at a higher price. It's just common sense that the price should be reduced. There is no regulation, so price increase and price reduction is only the seller's own personal behavior. Thirdly, as long as the students' behavior is not unconstitutional, the school's laws and regulations cannot conflict with the constitution, which is the basic legal knowledge.