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Nanjing net red balloon injured 4 people

Nanjing net red balloon injured 4 people Recently, the net red balloons are very red. They are sold on many streets in the evening. There are colored lights in the balloons. They are very beautiful. Many parents will buy them for their children, and many young people will buy them to take photos, but you don't know that there is a great potential safety hazard in this kind of red balloon. Take a look at the following report.

Four people in Nanjing were injured by a 'net red balloon': caused by lighting a cigarette

Four people in Nanjing were injured by the "net red balloon": cigarette lighting triggered the sharing of the news on November 28 of wechat official account of 1 Gulou Hospital. At about 9:00 p.m. on November 27, the emergency surgery department of Gulou Hospital admitted four patients who were injured by the "net red balloon". The lighter patients went home to recuperate after symptomatic treatment. Mr. Wang (surnamed Hua), who was seriously injured, was admitted to the burn and plastic surgery department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital for hospitalization.

Sequence of events

After learning that on the evening of the 27th, Mr. Wang's four friends (two boys and two girls) gathered for dinner. After dinner, Mr. Wang's good friend carried forward the "gentlemanly demeanor" and bought several recently burnt "net red balloons" for the two ladies to shop and take photos. Because the balloon is so shiny and beautiful at night, the two ladies are determined to take it home. After four people got into a taxi, Mr. Wang's friend lit a cigarette & hellip; & hellip;

The accident happened like this. Five or six balloons in his arms suddenly exploded. Mr. Wang was stunned on the spot. The other three people were injured in varying degrees. The taxi driver took the car directly to the emergency department of Gulou Hospital.

After the doctor's examination, because the balloon was held in front of his chest before the explosion, Mr. Wang's head, face and hands were injured by the explosion, with a depth of about two degrees. The whole face was as black as Guan Gong, with the smell of electric baking. There were also a lot of blisters and swelling on the face and hands of the other three patients.

The blisters on Mr. Wang's injured hand were shocking.

Why did it explode?

Tan Qian, director of burn and plastic surgery department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, said that the "net red balloon" should be filled with hydrogen, which will burn and explode when encountering open fire. The burn and Plastic Department of Gulou Hospital has also encountered group burn incidents caused by hydrogen balloon explosion before. Helium is generally used in balloons that can be lifted up, which is relatively safe. However, in order to save costs, many balloons sold on the market are replaced by hydrogen, and hydrogen is easy to burn, especially this kind of glittering balloon with current flowing through it, which is prone to electric sparks in case of high temperature, and the safety factor is very low. If you happen to have someone smoking, lighting cigarettes, or even taking such balloons to hotpot shops and barbecue stands, the consequences are even more unimaginable. At present, Mr. Wang's condition is relatively stable, but he needs to be hospitalized and nursed for a period of time. As for whether he will leave scars, it depends on the accurate classification of the injuries and the later progress.

After listening to the director's explanation, Xiaobian really shakes three times. Let's see if there is such a dangerous "net red balloon" in the home of the people around you. If there is, handle it properly and tell your children to stay away from the balloon and protect themselves!