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Is lace condom really easy to use? Is Durex condom safe

Is lace condom really easy to use? Is Durex condom safe condom is the most common contraceptive tool now. Among all condoms, Durex is a famous brand product in the condom industry. In addition to the ultimate sensory experience, safety is also a concern of many users. Is Durex condom really easy to use? Is Durex condom safe?

What's the probability of being pregnant with a condom? That's a big concern for many people. According to some data, the failure rate of using condom correctly is less than 3%. As long as using condom correctly, the success rate is higher than that of birth control ring. Condom not only has a high contraceptive rate, but also has many advantages for women, so it is favored by many contraceptive women.

In addition, condoms also perform well in effectively preventing sexual diseases. After the introduction of condom use, the infection rate of these diseases has been greatly reduced. Because of this, more than 40 million couples around the world use condoms as sexual protection. As the preferred sexual behavior protection measure, condoms are considered to be the safest, simple and effective way. In case of vaginal dryness, try using Durex lubricant.

Durex's safety performance is better than that of other brands. Durex condoms are all made of excellent natural latex as raw materials, and these raw materials have been tested heavily, as well as dermatology tests, and are identified as safe and reassuring products. In addition, every Durex condom is tested by electronic conductivity. Before leaving the factory, it will be sampled from each batch of condoms to test the bursting strength. In addition, Durex, with the attitude of keeping improving, adopts a higher quality standard than the international general standard to ensure that every condom produced is a small guard for the safety of consumers.

Durex condoms are still very good, because there are many kinds, each effect is different, you can try several more, choose the right one.