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Five of the world's most expensive bottled water costs $100000

Five of the world's most expensive bottled water costs $100000 water is an important factor to maintain life. It's very expensive to buy a bottle of water for more than 10 yuan at ordinary times. But do you know that the most expensive bottle of water in the world costs 100000 dollars, especially if you want to know what's different about this kind of water.

5 most expensive bottled water known in the world

1. Kona nigari

It seems that the ordinary package contains the salt water collected from thousands of feet under the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. The salt water will be completely desalinated for people to eat. The producer also said in particular that their water has been added to enable some special substances to enhance health, improve physique and reduce pressure. It is said that Japan imports nearly 80000 bottles every day, and one bottle is to It's $402.

2. Fillco

This bottle of water is equipped with an elegant bottle, which is designed like a chess game. It has the shape of a king and a queen. The two cakes themselves are inlaid with Swarovski crystal, equipped with a gold cap and crown, and many bright crystals are used to complete them. Such a noble shape comes from the bottled water launched in Osaka, Japan.

Many people want to collect such bottles and buy them. At present, the market price is $219. In addition to this felico, the manufacturer has also launched the kitty version. In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty, there is nothing special about the water in the bottle. The bottle is also covered with Swarovski crystal. There are five kinds of bottles with different colors and themes. More people can buy them Paying $25 to carve one's name on a bottle has driven many Katie fans crazy, asking $100 for a bottle.

3. Beverly Hills 90h2o

Beverly Hills 90h2o, the world's best mineral water award, which has been reviewed by many water experts. A bottle costs US $100000. In fact, the value of waterstop is high. Even the bottle cap of Beverly mountain mineral water is made of diamonds. The water source comes from the North Los Angeles mountains, which is the most expensive mineral water in the world. There are more than 600 white diamonds and 250 black diamonds in the cap made of diamonds. Each bottle will be accompanied by an advanced crystal glass. It is said that this bottle of water has a natural fruit fragrance and many natural minerals. It is also very healthy for the body.

4、Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a modigliani

This long name takes a long time to read, but it doesn't matter if you can't read or read it, because ordinary people should rarely be able to afford such water. Because it costs $60000 for every 750 milliliters. You can not only quench your thirst, but also empty your money. This bottle of water designed by famous Italian artists is made of 20K gold. The water comes from all over the world, including France, Fiji and Iceland. With the addition of gold powder, the water sold is said to be donated to the global warming foundation. At present, bottles and crystals alone cost US $3600, which is very suitable for rich people to collect and do public welfare.

5. Exousia gold

The name of the Golden Angel is the same as that of bottled water. The bottle body is made of 24K gold, and the water inside is made by special distillation method. The manufacturer said that the special substances extracted from gold in the water can relieve pressure and resist aging. The distillation process is also the exclusive recipe of the manufacturer. They also made sure that no small pieces of gold could be seen in the golden force water. A bottle of Golden Angel costs US $24000.