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Six functions of eating kumquat without peeling

Six functions of eating kumquat without peeling

Four seas network: kumquat is sweet and sour, juicy and fragrant, which is the love of many people. But you only know that it's a kind of fruit. I don't know if it can cure diseases. Let's look at the six functions of Kumquat.

Six functions

1. Moisten intestines and relieve constipation

The content of dietary fiber in Kumquat is quite high, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, eat more to moisten intestines and defecate, and prevent constipation.

2. Appetizer for digestion

Kumquat taste acid appetizer, kumquat peel contains aromatic oil, can promote food digestion and metabolism, poor appetite, digestion bad friends might as well try.

3. Reduce blood pressure and blood sugar

Kumquat is rich in pectin, which can not only help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, but also reduce the level of bad cholesterol, effectively prevent chronic diseases, and is very suitable for the elderly.

4. Beauty

Don't look at a small orange, vitamin content can be many. A kumquat vitamin C content can be comparable to kiwifruit, eat more can keep skin smooth, not long wrinkles do not show old.

Kumquat vitamin a content is also many, female friends often eat can reduce melanin precipitation, not easy to grow spots.

5. Cardiovascular protection

Orange peel glucoside and vitamin P are important nutrients to protect blood vessel health. They can strengthen vascular toughness, dilate coronary artery and protect cardiovascular system.

6. Cough and cold prevention

Kumquat phlegm, cough, often eat can improve the body's cold resistance, effective prevention of cold. Autumn and winter are dry, and the temperature difference between day and night is big. It's the best time to eat!

Should we peel

Many people think that the skin stained with pesticides should not be eaten. They have worked hard to peel off the skin of Kumquat. In fact, the peel of Kumquat is sweeter and more nutritious than the pulp. 80% of vitamin C is in the peel. It's a pity to lose it!

Before eating kumquat, you must wash the skin, add some baking soda and salt to effectively remove bacteria and pesticides, and eat more at ease!

Kumquat recipe

[kumquat and hawthorn tea]: reduce blood pressure and fat

Golden orange and hawthorn are sweet and sour. It costs no more than 2 yuan to make a cup every day. It can reduce blood fat, reduce blood pressure and pressure, and save a lot of money for medicine!

Ingredients: 2 kumquats, 15g hawthorn;


1. Wash and flatten kumquat for standby;

2. Put dried hawthorn and kumquat into a heat preservation cup together, pour in boiling water and simmer for 3-5 minutes to drink.

It's easy to make a cup of tea every day?

[preserved kumquat]: moistening lung and relieving cough

Kumquat preserves are healthy and delicious snacks, which can be made at home! Without additives, you can cook them like this, moisten the lungs and stop coughing. You can eat one or two of them every day without coughing all year round.

Ingredients: 1000 g kumquat, 400 g Sugar, 3 bowls of clear water (about 1000 ml)


1. Wash kumquat with light salt water, cut a cross port at both ends, and filter dry water for standby

2. Put the lollipop in the pot, pour in the water and boil until the sugar is all melted;

3. Put in the washed kumquat, boil it in high heat, turn to low heat and simmer for about 30 minutes, until the kumquat skin is translucent.

The boiled kumquat can be eaten directly after cooling, and the rest should be sealed and refrigerated. With this kumquat preserves boiled water, there is also the role of wine, too strong.

[kumquat malt soup]: eliminate food and greasiness

When it's cold, you need to supplement it. It's not easy to digest it. At this time, you should prepare a bowl of Kumquat malt Soup for the whole family, which is appetizing, relieving greasiness, helping digestion, scientific supplement and comfortable eating.

Ingredients: 20 kumquats, 30g fried malt, 10g cardamom kernel, 15g hawthorn, proper amount of sugar and water


1. Wash kumquat with light salt water, cut a few small mouths and remove seeds for standby;

2. Put the ingredients into the casserole together, add some water, turn to low heat and cook for about 30 minutes after boiling, and add some sugar to taste;

After dinner, you can eat kumquat malt soup as a dessert, and eat kumquat with soup, which is more effective than Jianwei Xiaoshi tablet!

Food taboo

Taboo 1: eat with milk

Kumquat contains a lot of fruit acid, which is easy to react with protein and coagulate. It is not easy to digest and even has flatulence. Therefore, one hour before and after eating kumquat, it is better not to eat such high protein food as milk.

Taboo 2: eat on an empty stomach

Kumquat appetizers, but try not to eat before meals and on an empty stomach, organic acids will stimulate the gastric mucosa to a certain extent, and friends with bad stomach should pay more attention.

Taboo 3: add sugar when coughing

When the throat is inflamed and coughing, eating kumquat and drinking Kumquat Tea can not add sugar. Eating too much sugar is more likely to produce phlegm and aggravate the disease.

Little kumquat is so powerful. It's a good time for kumquat to go on the market. Don't miss it!